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Julie's Blindness FAQ's
Q/ How did you go blind?
Q/ What can you see?
Q/ But you don’t look blind?
Q/ Why don’t you have a guide dog?
Q/ How do you do your grocery shopping?
Q/ How do you use a computer?
Q/ Can your two boys see?
Q/ What’s the hardest part about being blind?
Q/ How do you get on walking half marathons?
Q/ How do you choose your clothes?
Q/ How do you put on your lipstick?
Q/ How do you cook a meal?
Q/ How do you send text messages?
Q/ Do you dream in colour?
Q/ How do you get good at making truffles?
About Her
Who is that blind woman?
Who is Julie Woods?
Things that blind woman no longer has to worry about:
she’s even been to Louis Braille’s 200th birthday
She’s inspired braille art
She has even reffed nude touch rugby!
News and Events
Free Stuff
How to Self Publish When You're Blind and Broke
those bloody truffles again - Recipe
that gerbera art
How to Write Your Own Book
How to finish a half marathon!
How to speak without notes
Inspirational Speaking
7 Wonders of the World
1st Wonder - Petra - Jordan.
2nd Wonder - The Great Wall of China - China
3rd Wonder - The Coliseum - Rome, Italy.
4th Wonder - Taj Mahal - India.
5th Wonder - Christ the Redeemer - Rio, Brazil.
6th Wonder - Machu Picchu - Peru.
7th Wonder - Chichen Itza - Mexico.
Media Room
The Star - 1000 Truffles for Canterbury Kids
The Star - ‘Why not?’ project taken to schools
Pegasus Bay - Blind Cook Here to Inspire
The Star - Blindfold Walk Challenge Issued
What A Blind Person can Teach The Sighted About Networking
The Star - Attendance at festival satisfying
Otago Daily Times - Demonstrating a real feel for cooking
The Star Community Newspaper
Contact Her