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Julie Woods is an Inspirational speaker who has made thousands of people all around the world imagine, laugh and cry. Whether it’s climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, walking a half marathon or refereeing nude touch rugby, Julie’s adventures will, as one participant put it, make you think “If Julie can, I can!”

Julie’s two small words that took her from the couch as a newly blind mother to living life as a daring adventure can be applied to any setting; life, work or business with amazing results! Julie’s infectious message spreads like wildfire - You will be left so open to new ideas it will be outrageous!

Maybe you’d prefer a Cooking Without Looking demonstration with Julie making her famous truffles, or you just want to hear about the day she refereed that game of nude touch footie? Julie can tailor her talk to your event, conference, forum or meeting.

“People hire me for loads of different reasons.” Explains Julie “from keynote speaking at conferences to day retreats as part of team building.” “I’ve done Festivals, ice breakers, after dinner speeches, regional forums, A.G.M’s, prizegivings, teacher development days; I’ve even done a “Pie off” as part of an annual Festival.”
“I always try to find out what the person organising an event wants from their speaker” says Julie. “Time frames are critical when the organiser hires a speaker. It’s so important to stick to time and deliver what people are after.”

“I was speaking to a group of teachers at a high school one morning” confesses Julie, “I was asked to speak for 30 minutes knowing that they had to get away to class.” “I kept my eye on the time with my braille watch and finished with about 30 seconds to spare, just before the bell rang!”

Contact Julie today to talk to her about coming to speak to your organisation or event! The best way to contact her is by sending her email at Julie@thatblindwoman.co.nz. Julie's speech software will convert your email to speech so don't worry about communication barriers!

Julie's Profile

Julie's Profile

Read Julie's inspiring profile now! Click here to download and read her profile

Check Out Her Speaking on Youtube

Julie jumped at the opportunity to stand in the speakers corner at the National Speakers Association of Australia in Melbourne. Check out how she wowed the crowd on youtube here


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