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Julie’s blindness FAQ’s

Julie gets asked loads of questions all the time about being blind. Here’s just some of the most frequently asked, along with some of her most common answers.


Q/ How did you go blind?

Q/ What can you see?

Q/ But you donít look blind?

Q/ Why donít you have a guide dog?

Q/ How do you do your grocery shopping?

Q/ How do you use a computer?

Q/ Can your two boys see?

Q/ Whatís the hardest part about being blind?

Q/ How do you get on walking half marathons?

Q/ How do you choose your clothes?

Q/ How do you put on your lipstick?

Q/ How do you cook a meal?

Q/ How do you send text messages?

Q/ Do you dream in colour?

Q/ How do you get good at making truffles?