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Free Downloadable Audio Book The full, unabridged version of Julie's book "How to Make a Silver Lining" is now available for free download.

"I downloaded your book and put it on a cd to play in the taxi. I couldn't stop listening to it, what an uplifting and exiting book. There was times I laughed my head off and times I could have cried."

Dennis the Dunedin Taxi Driver.

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How to Self Publish When You're Blind and Broke

When I was ready to publish my book How to Make a Silver Lining I went to a course called “Getting published.” There I discovered that even if you were lucky enough to get published, you seldom made any money from it.  Squashed by this prospect, I decided to follow a message from my own book “find your own solutions” - in this case - to self publish.  I turned to my vision rather than my bank balance for inspiration and got into action. Following are the eight steps that took me from having a draft copy of my book to my very own book launch.

those bloody truffles again - Recipe Before braille came into Julie’s life, her memory was her biggest asset as far as recipes went. If she couldn’t remember it, she didn’t bake it. Perhaps this is why this chocolate licorice truffle recipe became so well known.

When Julie launched her book how to make a silver lining in July 2009 her artist partner Ron Esplin painted this watercolour to commemorate. Download this hot pink gerbera and enjoy.


Do you have a book that’s bursting to come out? Have you started writing stuff down in a private file somewhere but you’re too scared to make it public? Well, if you’ve started writing your book and would like to get it ready for viewing then pull up a pew and read these nine tips on how to write your book.


The most important part to finishing a half marathon is to start it! You have to be in to win so start today by being in for the next half marathon in your local area. View this free article now!


When I went blind, I HAD to give up my notes. This was a shock to my public speaking system which had previously relied on reading. Now I wouldn’t do anything but speak without notes. To find out how I do this, read this free article.