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Welcome to my Media Room

Welcome to my media room. Here you will find TV, Newspaper, Magazine and Radio clips and interviews about that blind woman. For even more blind woman stuff head over to Julie's facebook page and "like" her!

7 Wonders Adventure on Radio New Zealand National Bryan Crump on Nights interviewed Julie about her trip to South and Central America in 2014, where along with her husband Ron they achieved their dream of visiting the Seven Wonders of the World.
Highlanders hand-deliver special beanies. Brad Thron and Kane Hames joined Julie and Janice when they deliver their knitted baby beanies to the NICU.
Warm Gesture with Team Spirit Julie and two other Dunedin blind knitters got their needles out as part of a group project to knit beanies for premature babies at Dunedin Public Hospital. Not just any beanies though - they chose the colour of their local super rugby team, the Highlanders. See who turned up to help them hand the beanies over!
After visiting her fourth wonder of the world Julie got to talk with Nights Host Paul Brennan about her recent visit to the Taj Mahal in India.

Next Magazine - When the going gets tough. »

My French Roast - Julies Interview Hear all about Louis Braille when Julie appears on The French Roast, Otago Access Radios French speaking hour. Don't worry it's not in French this time!
View with a thrill! Julie was asked by the Otago Daily Times to write about the best day of her life, you were not allowed to choose the day you got married or had a child. So see what Julie came up with.

Braillle Inspires work! Julie in The Star!


Check out Julies latest art exploits with her husband Ron! Braille inspires work. »

That blind woman champions blind voting cause! After 16 years as a blind person Julie decided to head to he local North Dunedin MP David Clark who tweeted details of their visit read the resulting article by Kate Shuttleworth.
Fifty Shades of Braille. Julie Woods is best known for her 'Cooking Without Looking' demonstrations and playing the part of the judge during Nude Rugby games.

Today she took part in creating a braille biscuit montage, transcribing one of the most popular sentences from Fifty Shades of Grey onto biscuits.

But the demonstration had a more serious side to it - showing how blind people often become left out.
Hong Kong's Sensory Experience Sounds, smells and tastes, bring Hong Kong to life for Julie. Find out more ...

Julie has always been a keen supporter of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, and even more so now with the gallery's  exciting new exhibitions for the vision impaired.

15 Years Blind Celebration

On Tuesday March 27,  2012 Julie celebrated being blind for 15 years.   There was a 15 Minute Party in Dunedin's Octagon.    People were treated to ABBA , Truffles and Melodica playing fun.

Timaru Herald: DAISy Player Helps Blind

 " A $10,000 donation by the Otago Community Trust to help fully stock a library of free audio books will benefit more than 700 blind and partially sighted people across Otago. "   Click the link to find out more ...



Campbell Live: The Sausage Sizzzle Review

Check this link to get to the Campbell Live episode covering the results so far, and the generosity of New Zealanders who supported the  Small Creditors Sausage Sizzzle Fundraiser in the Octagon, Dunedin last night - 20 March 2012.

Campbell Live: The Sausage Sizzzle Live

 Click the link below to watch the Campbell Live episode that is completely dedicated to the Fundraising Sausage Sizzle for the ORFU Small Creditors that Campbell Live instigated.   

Campbell Live: Fundraiser for ORFU Small Creditors

This is the opening programme in a series of shows about the fundraising for the small creditors of the Otago Rugby Football Union.   Me and my TRUFFLES  had a wee part to play in the fundraising event in the Octagon, Dunedin on Wednesday 21/032012.    Click on the  "Watch It Now" link to see the preparation for this fun event.   Follow the developments of the story on the others links above.

Final Close Up for 2011 with Julie woods Julie got invited to the 2011 Close Up Christmas party. See the 'rucking' big Truffle she made for the Close Up team!
Radio NZ National - Julie talking to Jim Mora on Afternoons. Click the link above to hear
Julie talking to Jim Mora on
Afternoons on Tuesday 29 November 2011.
Youtube - What are ya, blind or something ref!?

At the Terrace Bar & Grill Julie welcomed International Rugby visitors to her city of Dunedin. Watch this clip of her telling about how one wintry day in 2004, she got to referee a game of nude touch rugby.

Close Up - Refereeing Nude Touch Rugby Julie found herself invited back to referee her second game of nude touch rugby, watch this clip to see the coverage Close Up.
Otago Daily Times - Blind Referee for Nude Blacks

Julie got asked to referee another game of nude touch rugby, "why not!" Check out her photo and article covering the game between Fiji and the Nude Blacks in Dunedin.


Escape Magazine - Sensuous Journey Of China

Escape Magazine - Sensuous Journey Of China

Julie hit the front page of the "Escape pull-out" in the Christchurch Press. Read about her tales of China and how she got to walk on the great wall.

Click here to open PDF


Real Magazine - Cooking without Looking »

Get Out of Stuck, Excel - Audio Interview with Julie Julie was interviewed by Roberta from GOOSE (Get Out of Stuck, Excel) where she shared her life story and talked about the importance of saying "Why Not?"
National Speakers Association of Australia Conference - Speakers Corner Julie jumped at the chance to be heard at speakers corner in Melbourne, watch as the enthusiastic crowd got to hear how to live their life as a daring adventure.
Attitude - The Truth About Disability Julie was interviewed by Attitude in 2010 when she was asked about such things as courage, independance, beauty and more. You can check out the second episode of this three programme series featuring Julie by clicking below.
Radio NZ National - Disability and Motherhood Last year, as part of celebrate diversity week held here in Dunedin, Mike Gourley from Radio NZ National interviewed Julie for their One in Five programme. This went to air on April 3 2011 and you can check it out here
The Star - 1000 Truffles for Canterbury Kids This photo and caption were features in the Star Community Newspaper in Dunedin in the middle of March, 2011. It shows the 1000 truffles Julie and her team of volunteers made for the kids of Canterbury affected by the quake.
Toroa Radio - The Cooking Without Looking Show Julie has her own weekly cooking without looking show on Otago Access Radio 105.4 FM where she does live cooking demonstrations and transcribes recipes into braille. Tune in to Otago Access Radio Wednesdays at 1pm or follow this link to listen to podcasts of Julie's previous shows.
The Star - ‘Why not?’ project taken to schools Check out the Star's feature page showcasing all of Julie's work including her 'Why Not' philosophy, her trip to the middle east in May 2011 and Operation Truffle.
CTV - Cooking Without Looking Aims to Inspire Canterbury Television featured a segment on Julie's aim to visit every intermediate school in the country, which she kicked off on November 3rd at Lynwood Intermediate. Check out Operation Truffle on youtube here.
Plains FM - Mornings with Ed Swift Julie Woods, 'That Blind Woman', chats with Mornings host Ed Swift about Operation Truffle and how she's inspiring kids around the country. Check out Ed having a go wearing "that blind womsn glasses"
Radio NZ National - Pie off of the Century

Welcome to that blind woman's Media Room! Here you can find recordings and articles of Julie in action. From appearing in her local paper to being on Campbell Live, you can find it all here.

The Press - Blind Motivational Speaker Cooks Up a Storm Read about how Julie made her truffles in front of 185 Linwood pupils as part of an inspirational address to show them how to focus on what they could do, rather than what they could not.
Pegasus Bay - Blind Cook Here to Inspire

Launching Operation Truffle at two Christchurch Intermediate schools in November 2010, this article talks about what's inspired the project.

The Press - Blind Date with Schools Hear all about Julie's upcoming visit to Lynwood and Shirley Intermediates as part of Operation Truffle
Radio NZ National - Pie off of the Century

Welcome to that blind woman's Media Room! Here you can find recordings and articles of Julie in action. From appearing in her local paper to being on Campbell Live, you can find it all here.

Radio NZ National - Jim Moira Interview with Julie Biuso

When Julie was at home working on her computer she got two emails to say that Julie Biuso was talking about her with Jim Moira on Radio New Zealand. Check out what they were saying

Real Magazine - Cooking without Looking Real Magazine caught up with Julie in her Kitchen recently - check her out making cinnamon rolls for her family.
The Star - Blindfold Walk Challenge Issued

When Julie was about to launch the Why Not Workplace Challenge the MARAFUN came along to help her. See what The Star wrote about saying "Why Not?" to the challenge of walking blind

Radio NZ National - Interview with Kim Hill

Julie finally landed her long awaited interview with Radio NZ showhost Kim Hill. Listen to it here

Nightline - Blind Dining a Culinary Experience

As part of the international science festival Julie was involved in a dining in the dark event. Watch Nightlines coverage here

Outlook Autumn 2010 article

Outlook is the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind's member publication. The autumn edition features Julie's upcoming adventure to Egypt and Jordan. Find out why "it's impossible not to love Julie Wood's."

What A Blind Person can Teach The Sighted About Networking When Julie became the first blind president of her BNI chapter (Business Networking International) she didn't just lead this group of businesspeople, she also taught them how to network.
The Star - Attendance at festival satisfying

Check out what happened when Julie went to speak at the Otago Careers festival on 13th May 2010

Otago Daily Times - Science of rap or dining blind Coming up in July as part of the International Science Festival is a blind dining experience at the Technique Restaurant at Otago Polytechnic. Read about it in this ODT article
The Star - Praise for blind cooking workshop

Julie appeared in her local communitie paper just after the 13th anniversary of her blindness. Take a look at how she celebrated

NZ Herald - Sightseeing For The Blind

Find out what it's like being a blind sightseer in this fascinating article written by Jim Eagles at the New Zealand Herald 

Good Morning TV

Julie got the opportunity to talk about her new book with Brendan Pongia as well as a cooking without looking demonstration of "those bloody truffles again." See what Brendan thought of that blind woman's truffles! 

Otago Daily Times - Demonstrating a real feel for cooking

Julie was featured in the Otago Daily Times when she headed down to the Balclutha disability expo to do a cooking without looking demonstration. Read the article here

Otago Daily Times - Blind Walker Set For Challenge

Julie was about to walk her 5th Half-Marathon in Dunedin when the Otago Daily Times caught up with her. To find out how she focusses on finishing what she sets out to do click on the following link.

Attitude - the birth of that blind woman

Attitude  came to town to film that blind woman - mother, author, coach and the cook who doesn't look.

Campbell Live

In November 2008 Julie appeared on Campbell Live while cooking without looking those bloody truffles again.

Channel 9 News

She appeared on a local TV station -- Channel 9 -- when she launched her book in the waiting room of the eye department at Dunedin Public Hospital.

Dougal Stevenson

After Julie launched her book she was interviewed on Channel 9 by Dougal Stevenson.

The Star Community Newspaper

"That Blind Woman Launches Book" appeared in Julie's local newspaper on July 30, 2009 celebrating the launch of her book how to make a silver lining in the eye department of Dunedin Public Hospital.


Her Magazine Articles

Her Magazine Articles

Julie has appeared in Her Magazine three times, a New Zealand publication celebrating the thinking woman - once to talk about her life as a blind woman and twice about her trip to Paris.

Creating a Vision

The Blind Leading the Blind

"that blind woman" Celebrates Braille

Radio NZ National - Pie off of the Century Hear this vibrant account of the Pie off of the century where Radio NZ's Mike Gourley matches his cooking skills against the queen of cooking without looking, that blind woman Julie Woods