Hey there blind wisdom seekers. For me, the practise of gratitude is about the creation of a habit; more specifically a daily journal. The practise of sensory gratitude no different. Every day I will be grateful for 10 things I smell, hear, taste and touch and sometimes I will place that list on this blog.

I’m about to head to Singapore, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka and Manilla! I’ll be keeping a sensory gratitude journal on my travels so upon my return will be able to infuse this list with a sensory overload!

Until then though:

My sensory gratitude journal for today is:

1 the leek Ron handed to me that he had grown in the garden!

2 the overpowering smell of the freshly cut silver beet that gave it’s life up so I could live

3 the fragrance of Ron’s home brew! It smelt like a bunch of spring flowers!

4 the sound of the falling rain with all it’s abundance

5 the sound of Margaret reading the article about me that Bruce Munro wrote in Saturday’s Otago Daily Times! It’s very cool! Having someone read out loud is a very intimate experience and I must be grateful for it more. It’s one of the things I take for granted when I am blind!

6 the sound of a coaching client having an AHA moment! In fact I had one with her at the same moment – it was very intimate and very satisfying

7 the taste of Margaret’s coconut cake made with real coconut oil!

8 the smell of NZ honey

9 the feel of sun dried washing!

10 the sound of knitting needles clacking as I feel my nephew’s scarf growing by the minute!

To wit to whoo!