Today I’ve been blind for 17 years! Thank you to you all for being there for me! This time 17 years ago I would have been sitting in the waiting room at Dunedin Public Hospital about to be declared legally blind. I couldn’t possibly see the life I would one day live. Talk about being blind! And yes Helen Keller, you are right, the bend in the road is the end of the road unless you fail to take the turn! Have a

This time one year ago today, I went to the Chamber of Commerce BA5 as that ….. truffle and gave out my …. Truffles to everyone to say thank you for being there for me in my first 16 years as a blind person! This photo is of me with BBQ Bill!

Today I’ll be doing the same although this year the BA5 is at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery!

Look out for that blind woman in the Octagon around 5 pm this evening and feel free to come and get a free truffle!

If I don’t see you, thank you for being there for me in my first 17 years as a blind woman!

Let me leave you with one of my quotes , something I have learned in my first 17 years as a blind person-

“To have lost my sight may have been considered tragic. To have lost my sense of humour would have been catastrophic!”

That blind woman, Julie Woods

Happy 27 March!