Hey there blind wisdom seekers – I’m about to board a plane to Christchurch but thought before I leave I’d share with you one of the words I’ve picked out from my book “how to Make a Silver Lining” –I’m in the process of putting my wisdom towards some Silver Lining coaching cards and have managed to downsize the book to around 50 key words. I’m going to be sharing them with you in the hope you will share your own wisdom back.

If you think about it most of these words have come into my life since I went blind. The wise thing is to learn from them and receive them as gifts.

The word I’ve chosen actually comes from Horace, the Roman philosopher – from one of his quotes. I use it in the beginning of my book because it’s a great take on big bad change!

“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant”

When I think about my talents and gifts, none could be more appropriate than the one I’m about to board my plane for – the talent of speaking.

Before I went blind I did not tell my story at all! Now I’m blind I’m telling my story all the time in the hope to inspire others beyond their own limits.

Do you think this is what Horace was referring to?

What talents do you have lying dormant in your own prosperous circumstances?