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Do you have a book that’s bursting to come out? Have you started writing stuff down in a private file somewhere but you’re too scared to make it public? Well, if you’ve started writing your book and would like to get it ready for viewing then pull up a pew and read these nine tips on how to write your book.

1. Ask yourself: what do I bring to this book? Write a list of unique things you will bring to this book. When I did this action I wrote going blind and being a single blind parent but I also wrote love, courage and determination. Sometimes it’s your unique perspective that can make your book so truly different and as a result – sensational!

2. Write a list of possible book titles. To get really energised by your book start by creating a vision. Having a title gives your book shape as well as a label. You will be able to start sharing your book with others when they ask you – “what have you been up to” you will be able to reply with “I’m writing my book”. Having a title for the book will not only get it into the minds of others but help cement it in your own mind too.

3. Consider other genres when you are writing your book. Don’t get stuck on one concept. There are the obvious genres like autobiographical or self help but think about telling your story in other forms such as children’s book, short stories, a board book or even a cook book! Be creative. You may even want to make a card or postcard range. Sometimes these genres can be more manageable, therefore you are able to achieve writing your book in a much easier way than you thought. This may be different to what you originally thought but does this really matter? Likewise for publishing options – consider an e-book or getting your book produced on audio.

4. Write a book review of someone who has read your book. Imagine your book has been written and the book review is in your community newspaper. What would it say? This is one of the most powerful actions I did when I wrote How to Make a Silver Lining. It gave my book clarity and direction. It shifted my focus from me and moved it to my potential reader and what they were going to get out of it. Write a paragraph as if your book has been reviewed. You’ll be amazed what you discover about your book that you hadn’t yet given thought to.

5. Write a table of contents. Once you have written your review and your are getting clearer on what the book is going to look like write up a table of contents. This is the basic outline of your book and will include the different sections such as introduction, foreword, chapter names and numbers etc.

6. Set up files on your computer for each part of the book. This is another powerful thing to do. Using your table of contents as a guide, separate the book into about 30 parts. One for each section of the book, starting with title page, table of contents, introduction, foreword, dedication, individual chapters, ending with the final chapter and blurb. You don’t have to have anything in the files – just set them up in anticipation of adding it in when you get there. In my case – this took my book from one huge unmanageable file to 30 separate small manageable files. Dividing it up meant I had 30 small wins along the way rather than waiting for one big one! It was amazing!

7. Ask a friend to be your book buddy. Make yourself accountable by committing to write so much each week and tell your buddy that you want to have chapter 1 written by the end of next week. Let your buddy know when you have got there otherwise ask them to make you accountable to yourself. Even better – get a coach to keep you focused on achieving your goal. If you are really serious about this book it’s the best way!

8. Ask someone to edit your book. Do this before you share it with your inner circle as once it’s been edited it will be in a form you will be proud to own. Ask around for an editor or hop onto the web and check out on line editing services. By getting someone who knows what they are doing to edit the book, your book will not only be transformed but ready for the people you trust to take a peek!

9. Photocopy your book and have it bound. This is super exciting! When your book’s been edited take it along to a local copy centre and have it photocopied and bound. It will cost you about $10 and it’s such a great feeling to finally put your hands on your book! You are now ready to pass it on to someone to read! Wow!