Hey there Blind Wisdom Sekers – I’ve had bloggers block!

OMG! I’ve been so excited about the launch of my Blind Wisdom blog that I have been overwhelmed with choices of what to write! This is bad! Overwhelm usually results with no action and as it’s taken me 47 years to learn – “freedom comes from action”, I had to take action!

I’ve created folders on my computer containing the types of things I think constitute as blind wisdom. Blind champions, champions of the blind, blind musicians, quotations from famous blind people and more! I’d also like to get some more blind wisdom bloggers on board. Blind people who are doing great things from all around the globe could come and share their blind wisdom with us. But wait there’s more!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

It’s getting too complicated and too hard! How can I make it simple?

I know.

I’m going to have to come back to what I can do; and that’s start by sharing my very own blind wisdom. In my next blog post I’ll share with you the free downloadable audio copy of my book How to Make a Silver Lining – 8 keys for adapting to extraordinary change which I believe is my very own blind wisdom.

Until then I want to share with you what happened to me this morning. I was at home and Mum came around to help in the house. I was telling her we needed extra potatoes for tea tonight as I was going to make “Tattie scones” for my husband Ron’s art exhibition opening on Saturday. The recipe called for 500 grams of potatoes. 500 grams of potatoes!

“What does 500 grams of potatoes look like” asked my mother.

“I was wondering about that myself” I confessed to her. I had thought perhaps it was 1/20 of a 10 kg bag but that wasn’t a very user friendly comparison. Then I had a thought.

“I know” I said to Mum. “How about we grab a pound (500grams) of butter out the fridge and see if we could compare the potatoes we had in our right hand to the pound of butter we had in our left.

She started doing it and then said to me “You’re much better at this kind of thing than me”, handing the potatoes and butter over to me.

“Maybe it helps if you shut your eyes” I jested.

I felt the butter, then the potatoes, then the butter then the potatoes, until I hit on what I felt was the same weight in my left hand as was in my right.

“There’s your 500 grams of potatoes” I said to her, handing them over!

When you go blind you have to learn to do things in a different way. The old ways of using your sight no longer work so you have to come up with new ways of doing the same task. Finding solutions for daily problems is something blind people are doing constantly. Never a day, or even hour goes past when I come across a problem that isn’t solved by doing it in a different way. Whether it’s using my smell, hearing, taste or touch in place of my sight, or simply using my imagination to come up with a way to get the task done, solutions to problems are part of our daily living. While from afar this might be daunting, when you are living in this state it becomes strangely empowering. When you are constantly doing the things you think you can’t, it unleashes something inside of you that knows whatever comes your way you can do it; just in a different way!

Woo hoo!

Have a go yourself and see what happens!

And don’t forget to let us know!