I may not see But I can smell,

And taste and touch and listen,

And when I do this every day,

I find my optimism!!

Wow wee – and to go with this ode is a book called:The art of blindfulness – finding optimism through daily sensory gratitude, which I have written over the Christmas break. I’ve also begun, with some of you on this blog, a blindfulness list, where at the end of every day I write 10 things my senses are grateful for.

I’m planning on posting an entry entitled Wednesday’s blind wisdoms – you guessed it – every Wednesday, I’ll be putting 10 things my senses are grateful for up on this blog. But it’s not all about me, I’d love you to join me in your own sensory gratitude; think about what you can smell, hear, taste and touch in your day!

I’ll be back on Wednesday!

To wit to whoo!