That Blind Woman’s Fan Club


Do you want to join that blind woman’s fan club? Would you like to help Julie do the work she does?

Julie couldn’t see the point to going blind in 1997 unless she could do some good with it! Since then, she’s spoken to thousands of New Zealanders about life as a blind woman and how she’s gone on to live an extraordinary life. Very often Julie gets asked to speak for free to community groups, schools and libraries, but, in order for her to keep saying why not to these opportunities, she needs your help.

With an annual subscription of $80 a year you can join her fan club so she can keep doing the work she does.




For your sub you will get:

· A quarterly email telling you what she’s been up to

· Julie will write the names of your family, friends and community groups you belong to in braille, as part of her dream to write 1 million names in braille

· You’ll be invited to any of that blind woman celebrations

· You’ll get a bookmark with your full name written in braille on it

This is the sort of feedback Julie gets which inspires her to do more of the work she does for free:

“You are amazing and the women were captivated!”

Mastura Rhaman

Womens Refugee Day, Christchurch

“Julie, you’re the absolute MVP. The kids loved you, they were leaning in and listening so hard. It’s wonderful that you created a space for them to step into your world, and learn about blindness from someone so approachable.

Brydee Strang, Co-ordinator Around the World in 80 Tales

Dunedin Public Library

“Your talk was awsome, everybody was smiling and loving it. You are my Idol, and every time I get stuck, I think of you and I manage to get through, your the coolest woman I have ever met!”

Anya (10 years),

Green Island Primary School, Dunedin