Julie’s husband, Ron Esplin, is an artist who has created a collection of “braille art” pieces inspired from Julie.

Ron is an artist who has always believed in Julie and admired her ability to see her goals clearly and go after them. For her Christmas present in 2005 Ron presented Julie with a surprise present. He had produced an original mixed media work based on Julie’s love of braille and her incredible insight.

“Even though Julie is blind” says Ron, “I believe she has vision”.

This art work started something in Ron which he hasn’t been able to contain and has since gone on to creae a collection of “braille art” pieces.

Take a look at the braille art on Ron’s web site and see what Julie’s inspired!

“It is only the grand vision of what we can do and become that propels us to work regularly at creating our reality”

– John Kehoe

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