Julie has spoken to thousands of people all around the country and has travelled to speak in Australia and Hong Kong. Find out what some of the people in Julie’s audience thought.

“I was very fortunate to hear you speak yesterday at our leaders workshop – there were tears and lots of laughter from me, to hear your amazing story in person was so inspirational. The Blind Foundation is very lucky to have you as our ambassador!”
– Lyvie King
Braille producer at the Blind Foundation

“I LOVED you! Your attitude, advice, and courage!”
– Paula McIntyre
Otago University – Southland Campus

“Julie, a brief note of appreciation for what was a fantastic function, made by your captivating talk. Everyone is buzzing this morning. You have left an impression. Thank you.”
– Richard Whitney
CEO Mercy Hospital

“I am using the phrases “Why Not’ more often thanks to you. I have even passed them on to my daughters one of which is feeling very homesick whilst doing an internship at the Hilton in Malta. I have encouraged her to embrace the “why not’ approach to help her through.”
– Christine Jones
Enjo NZ Ltd

“Thankyou again for your talk at the study day on Saturday. People can not stop talking about you today at work. You were a hit!”
– Hannah Smallfield
Otago Radiology

“You moved so many of us to tears what an inspiration you are to all that meet you. I will forever be proud to say that you have crossed my life and made a difference to me”
– Jill Oliver
Early Childhood Education Conference

“Good things sure do follow you around”
– Claire Hancock
Tauranga Zonta

“We had our Zonta dinner meeting last night and the place was a buzz with your talk.”
– Claire Hancock
Tauranga Zonta International Women’s Day

“you are indeed a woman of courage and inspiration”
– Maureen Kennedy
Tauranga Zonta International Women’s Day

“Julie, you are a wonderful inspiration to the human race”
– Malva Bowen-Whitianga
Community Patrol national conference

“Your master of ceremonies work was fantastic. The Comedy Showcase Nights went very well and at times I thought you were funnier than the comedians!”
– Paul Smith
Director Dunedin Fringe Festival 2011

“You are up there with the top world speakers in my book, and I’ve been exposed to many”
– Gay Clark
Brian Tracey Courses Facilitator

“big congratulations for last night. you’re a top MC!!”
– Elaine McCarthy

“You had the entire town hall engaged and inspired from your speech to the Students. Your message “Why Not” was extremely appropriate and I’m sure that many from the town hall will have taken something inspirational away with them.”
Mike Collins
Otago Polytechnic

“The conference buzzed all weekend and you started all that.”
– Rhonda Heather
Parents Vision Impaired

“Thanks for being part of our prize-giving. Having you there really gave it some ‘class’. You will be a hard act to follow!”
– Nicki Patterson
Regional Manager, Netball Otago

“While you were speaking at the conference I was madly writing down some of your gems and trying to decide if it was fortuitous or fatal to have you speak just ahead of me. Particularly since my talk was about storytelling.

I decided, since I couldn’t do anything about it anyway, that it was fortuitous and then happily incorporated some quotes from your fantastic presentation.
It was a great honour to be in the audience to hear you speak and I wish you well with your book and your speaking career. You certainly appear to have a knack for it.”
– Paul Webber
Webber Training Inc, www.webbertraining.com

“I hope that you leave as much inspiration with everyone you meet as you did with me”
Ashburton Intermediate pupil

“I thought your presentation to the Prime Minister was very warm, sincere and powerful.”
Don McKenzie
ex Chairman of the Board of Directors
Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

“I love how people really want to connect with you after an event. That is quite unusual from my experience!”
– Lynette Hartgill
Marketing Co-ordinator Dunedin Public Library

“In the 41 years I’ve been a member of our club we’ve never had such an uplifting speaker”
– Yvonne
Taieri Women’s Club

“You are such a star! It was really fun and I loved your quotes. Everyone is raving about your talk.”
– Suzy Keene
Training Advisor Otago University

“Thank you for your inspirational talk. You are truly amazing. It makes me realise the diversity in what life deals us yet the similarities in overcoming it. Thank you”
– Yvonne
Women affected by the bush fires
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“Thank you for sharing your story. You are a beautiful woman”
– Robyn and Kimberley
Women affected by the bush fires
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“Go girl!”
– Jenni
Women affected by the bush fires
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

– Anastasia
Women affected by the bush fires
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“You are a real inspiration to people of all ages. I liked the why not”
– Leeanne
Women in Business
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“Your talk was fantastic. I do work with an organisation called Wheelchair Sports Victoria and there is so much of what you said which I will share with my wheelchair sports kids”
– Kellie
Women in Business
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“I look forward to being continually inspired and empowered by you”
– Jeanette
Women in business
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“Thank you for your fun talk and words of wisdom”
– Lisa
Women in Business
Leader Newspapers
Yarra Valley

“Women are amazing and you are the amazingest! Go Julie”
– Cecile
Women in Business
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“You have reminded me it is time to finish my own book and tell my own story. Thank you.”
– Rosemary
Women in Business
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“You will influence many people for the better”
– Maureen
Women in Business
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“You are a wonderful speaker and with having diabetes and knowing there’s a possibility of blindness I found your speech very inspiring”
– Gaynor
Fostercare Federation

“You are an inspiration – you brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my heart”
– Ginnie
Fostercare Federation

“Thank you for your story. I’m pleased you had a 10 year party. I’m looking forward to my 15 year survival party”
– Sharon
Fostercare Federation

“So pleased you are speaking to groups at school age level. Young kids need to hear your story”
– Hilary
Fostercare Federation

“May those wonderful ways always keep you flying upwards”
– Mavis
Fostercare Federation

“Julie was a very inspirational and entertaining speaker. Her talk was a mixture of real anecdotes of the challenges she faced and the very practical solutions she has used, all of this topped off with lashings of good humour and fun”
– Kevin Seales
Director – Human Resources University of Otago

“Thank you very much for doing such a bubbly, motivating and inspirational speech last Friday. My husband said you had everyone, “Eating out of your hand,” as you took them through the meet and greet”
– Jane

“I didn’t realise that being blind could be cool!”
– Calsey
11 year old student from Papatoetoe Intermediate School

“I would just like to say that your speech at our school was verry inspiring to like make us think that you dont have to be able to see to be a verry insparational and motivating person and aslo i have just been on your websit and it rules i love the article about how you went to Egypt. You are like the most motivaiting person that i have ever meet and i think that you are awesome!!!”
– lily
Green Island Primary School

“What an inspiration you are! I don’t know how you speak like that – without notes and keeping it all in your head – how do you do it! You couldn’t see the expressions on everyones face but I could and they loved it! You told your story with great humour and such a positive outlook.”
– Christabel
NZ Society of Chartered Accountants

“Your talk was awsome, everybody was smiling and loving it. You are my Idol, and every time I get stuck, I think of you and I manage to get through, your the coolest woman I have ever met!”
Anya (10 years), Green Island Primary School
“You had the whole audience captivated with your very inspirational talk last night – I saw some of the audience wiping their eyes”
– Katherine

“Julie is fun and a great communicator. Her determination to make the very best of her life inspired us”
– Lucille
Winchmore Rural Women

“You got me think in a different way about some things”
– Melissa
Plan to Work Programme

“julie – you are fantastic”
Plan to Work Programme

“you have got the willpower to go on in life – so proud of you – good luck”
Plan to Work Programme

“It has been such an enlightening and motivating opportunity to meet you”
– Diedre

“Thank you Julie for a truly inspiring story”
– Claire
2nd year nursing student

“I think you are amazing – thank you for coming to talk to us”
– Kath
2nd year nursing student

“I learned new things I can apply to my nursing practise and life”
– Anoosh
2nd year nursing student

“I think you’re a great mentor to others”
– Luisa
2nd year nursing student

“You have a great story and I admire your courage”
– Sarah
2nd year nursing student

“You are an inspiration – I look forward to receiving your email newsletter”
– Belinda
2nd year nursing student

“Your story touched us all! We will let the other coordinators know about you so watch out for the speaking invitations to other parts of the country.”
– Denis
Her Business Network Co-ordinator

“We were so taken with your fun loving, can do approach to life; you had us captivated from start to finish. You made us imagine, laugh and cry”.
– Kay Healey
Co-ordinator Span Caversham

“Julie was an inspiration to listen to and I know she passed on some valuable words of wisdom to our junior students”.
– Michelle
Secondary School Teacher

– Olga
Dinner organiser

“You have a true gift to tell a story with compassion which captures our heart and soul – you are an inspiration to us all Julie”.
– Donna
Fund raising manager

“Julie is fun and a great communicator. Her determination to make the very best of her life inspired us”
– Lucille
Winchmore Rural Women


Julie also preforms Cooking Without Looking demonstrations making her infamous truffles. Read what those people think who have watch Julie baking blind.

“We absolutely loved your presentation at Alexandra on Wednesday night. Have thought of an awesome thing about being blind; don’t have to worry about finding your reading glasses.”
– Jean Simms
Alexandra Childcare

“Thanks again for all your support in everything that you did for us, from the artwork to your donation back from the books, your generosity was overwhelming”
– Alexandra Childcare

“You are amazing and the women were captivated!”
– Mastura Rhaman
Womens Refugee Day, Christchurch

“You are a credit to all women!”
– Freda Monk
Taieri Lions Club

“Thanks Julie. I needed the encouragement”
– Anna Edgecomb
Taieri Lions Club

“Wonderful evening. I have learned a lot!”
– Isabel Sutherland
Taieri Lions

“Many thanks for being the star attraction at our Two feet and a heartbeat breakfast. You are a truly inspiring lady and we hope to see you back in Oamaru in the future!”
– Louise Bee
Sport Waitaki

“Thank you very much for this mornings ‘Truffle Exponanza’. I have had great feedback already from people who attended and the staff, I’ve distributed your
truffles around much to the delight of my colleagues!”
– Haley Paterson
Forsyth Barr, Dunedin

“Thank you for an inspiring demonstration and workshop – best in the conference”
– Abi
Dieticians NZ conference

“Thanks Julie, a real inspiration”
– Frances
Dieticians NZ conference

“you are such an inspiration to life and change – loved the bloody truffles!”
– Denise
Workbridge Oamaru

“Brilliant. Entertaining. Eye Opening!”
– Melanie
Sport Waitaki breakfast

“Thank you for opening my eyes to your great attitude”
– Gary Kircher
Radio Network – Oamaru

“You were tremendous! Your demonstration was an excellent balance of mastery, humour and education. Thank you.”
– David Howard
Events Co-ordinator, Celebrate Diversity Week 2010

Love the truffles – go on you girl!”
– Allison
Balclutha Health and Disability expo

“You are so inspirational”
– Christine
Wall Street demo

“Move over Jamie– we have Julie and her truffles coming through!”
– Donna
Business Support Officer
Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

“Thanks Julie –you are an inspiration –really appreciated your passion”
– Sherry
Zonta Metropolitan Dunedin

“thank you for your amazing and inspiring afternoon cooking at Hedgend Maze in Melbourne Australia on March 13th celebrating International Womens day”
– Natalie
guest at High Tea

“Thank you for enlightening us at such a special level”
– Pat
Highsville High Tea attendee


Sometimes Julie gets her audience to put on that blind woman glasses and do their own Cooking Without Looking! This is a superb team-building workshop so lets hear from those who have done their own blind baking.

“hi Julie, it’s Caleb from CanTeen Thank you so much for this experience. It’s truly an amazing idea and you are an amazing woman. I will be telling everyone I know about the workshop and will remember how to greet a blind person. Thank you and best wishes for the future.”
– Caleb

“A sensational ‘one team’ experience – having fun together & supporting each other for a common goal”
Team Leader- CanTeen

“Thank you for the experience on Saturday. You opened my eyes to many things, and my family really enjoyed those bloody chocolate truffles!!”
– Yvonne

“What an amazing experience! Lots of laughter, learning and love make for a fabulous recipe and I look forward to your upcoming cookbook!”
– Sue

“It gave me a small insight into your achievements on a daily basis. I learned to both introduce myself and tell you when I was leaving. I learned to appreciate other senses which were highlighted when blinded.”
– Tonia