I awoke to the sound of silence! What a magnificent sound that is. “I’m going to open the window” I told Ron.

As I did, I could hear the wind swirling gently, and then the sound of no cars. I don’t even know what time in the middle of the night that was. I do know, when I jumped out of bed finally and said “I’m going on the rooftop to take a photo of the snow” then Ron said “it’s still dark!”


Oh well, I headed up anyway, and because there is no snow without Punch, Ron followed me up. Now, before you think I’m completely nuts, we live in an apartment complex, so the rooftop is completely safe and free from slopes!

I walked out after opening the door, and was hit by a chilly blast, the feel and sound of crunch underneath my feet, and the sound of silence. I followed Ron over to the corner of the rooftop and positioned myself beside him, because he’s always going to get the best shot! So, pointing where I thought might be best , I took my photo on my iPhone and uploaded it to Facebook!

After a hot shower and a Weetbix breakfast, the buzzer at our front door went. “Hello, you must let me in” went the voice. “It’s Louise Bory and it’s mad out here.”

I pushed the button to let Louise in and heard all about her treacherous trip in the car, on her way in the snow to the bank and then the hairdressers. Thinking her hair must be particularly bad to come out in this weather, we offered her a cup of tea and our hospitality.

“Why don’t I write your name in braille” I offered. “I have a dream to write one million names in braille.”

“Oh that would be wonderful Julie”

As I wrote her name, she remembered other family members, in Canada and Tauranga, even a cat called Missy!

Who ever thought that snow and 1 million names in braille would everhave a connection!

Why not!