Good morning blind wisdom seekers!

I’ve been selected as a finalist in the Blind Foundation’s Star Awards and about to hop on a plane to Auckland so this week’s wisdoms come to you a day early.

I don’t know what I would have done without the Foundation when I went blind so I kind of feel I should be giving them an award instead of them potentially giving me one! If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t even be considered a star! So, I dedicate this week’s list to the Blind Foundation for teaching me how to smell, hear, taste and touch! It’s something I do intuitively every minute of every day and it has inspired this list!

Happy Tuesday one in all!

The 10 things I am grateful for smelling, hearing, tasting and touching this week are:

1 the sound of my sister’s text coming through on Saturday morning saying “Tim has been robbed” – in Thailand, apparently a so called official helped Tim put his bag onto the bus but didn’t put it onto the bus! I’m not grateful he was robbed but I’m grateful we can all stay connected with the sound of technology! Tim’s already experiencing silver linings – the hostel he stayed at came and picked him up and have let him stay on at a discounted rate!

2 the feel of my book I had printed at the Warehouse Stationery on Friday. When I say printed I really mean photocopied but I’m still thrilled I have got it this far!

3 the taste of those saveloys at the end of the Papatowai Challenge on Saturday! And yes, the pikelets and cream too!

4 the sound of Wayne Allen calling out “this is the 2015 Papatowai Challenge” as we set off at the beginning of the race!

5 the feel of the strong strong wind along the beach as it howled against us! Why am I grateful for that? I’ll tell you in my next entry!

6 the sound of silence as we made our way up the four wheel drive track! Yes, the noise and ferocity of the wind completely disappeared as we turned up towards land! I wouldn’t have been nearly as grateful for the silence if it hadn’t been for the contrasting conditions along the beach!

7 the feel of Jo drenching me with water as we stopped and drank a cup! I usually put my second cup over my head and she usually obliges with the end of her cup. This time though she was caught on camera so we’ll let the NZ public work out if she’s mean or not! Ha ha ha!

8 the taste of curried sausages we had for tea last night!

9 the smell of hot food at Fat Harry’s Restaurant on Sunday at lunchtime! We’ll be as fat as Harry if we go out every time we have an open home! Crikey!

10 the sound of Liz on the phone today, sharing with me her week with TV 3 and the joy that was Government House last week! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

I may not see, but I cam smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!