Greetings blind wisdom seekers!

Another year older and wiser? Well, others can be the judge of that! I was always grateful to my mother for hanging on 14 days to give me a February birthday! I don’t know why but I just was. Born at 11 pm on February 1, 1966, at Red Roofs Maternity Hospital, Dr Perry had to be taken out of the movie theatre where he was watching My Fair Lady to come and deliver me. Sorry Dr Perry! I can tell you what happened in that movie though! As for my life, 49 years later, know, that night, you gave birth to a sighted baby girl that would go on to be a blind mother of two. I bet you didn’t know that was coming! Nor did I! And maybe that’s a good thing. Who would really want to know that stuff.

As for my birthday, it was a delight. And have you ever wondered what sons of a blind woman give their mother for their birthday? Well, funnily enough, this year they both gave me things that smelt! In the case of my younger son Sebastian, I think he gave it to me because he loved it! It smelt divine and came from Lush. I’m not sure if the boys would tell you they are more aware of smells because their mother was blind but what does surprise me is that Sebastian has any nasal hairs left the way he sucks them up! Whether it’s Christmas trees, the leather in the back seat of cars or baked croissants, I’ve never seen a teenage boy smell like him! So, in honour of my 49th birthday I’d like you all to take a deep deep Sebastian sniff around something nice today!

10 things my senses have been grateful for this birthday are as follows:

1 the taste of soft boiled eggs for breakfast in bed on Sunday morning.

2 the feel of Tim, Mum and I all squished in the back seat of the car on our way to Moeraki.

3 the smell of the sea air as we drank our cuppa at my sister’s new camper van!

4 the sound of the classical guitarist playing at Fleur’s restaurant.

5 the feel of the big birthday hug I got from Fleur herself! Lucky me!

6 the feel and taste of the scallops in their shell I had on the Kaimoana platter! Stunning! 49 and I’d never had scallops in their shells before!

7 the taste of the kiddie cone size goody goody gum drop ice cream I had for dessert after my birthday lunch up the road at the Hampden store.

8 the taste of the watermelon cocktail Bea had made me for my birthday.

9 the smell of the lavender diffuser Zac and Bea bought me for my birthday!

10 the feel of my breath as I blew out the candles on the vegan birthday cake she had baked! What a treat it all was! Including getting to go for a ride in my sister’s new camper! (photo attached)

Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy day! I had a wonderful day sniffing, tasting, listening and touching my way through it!