Good morning Blind Wisdom seekers!

As Easter passes through, I am reminded fondly of the excitement of the chocolate egg displays that appeared in our local department stores so many years ago when I was just a girl. I would wonder at their brightly coloured foil wrapping and their quaint cardboard packaging. In those days it was mainly with buttons or without. Nowadays of course it’s with almost anything you can imagine and the thought of without anything seems downright wrong.

40 years on and blind, I still wonder at the concept that is Easter eggs. I marvel no more at the gold and purple wrapping, but instead by the aroma of the abundance of chocolate in one condensed area at the supermarket or Warehouse. That’s the smell of Easter to me! And as far as the feel of Easter , well of course it’s wrapped up in that delicate foil that envelops the eggs. I imagine days of foils past and build a brightly coloured image of beauty in my mind. My first entry on this week’s list took me right back to that 12 year old place, as my fingers quivered with anticipation!

1 the feel of the glorious tin foil as I unwrapped my first Easter egg for the season!

2 the smell of the organic products at the Environment Centre at Riverton. Yum!

3 the taste of whitebait at Fish Hook on Good Friday with Mum and Dad! Ron too – he whispered to the lady behind the counter so my whitebait would be a surprise! I’ve been suggesting we go for a drive to Greymouth to get a whitebait pattie so when it arrived I said “don’t think this is getting you out of going to Greymouth!”

4 the smell of the Heritage bus we rode on after our lunch on Good Friday! St Claire to Normanby! So cool!

5 The sound of my father saying “let’s stay on till Normanby” when I asked him if he wanted to get off early! He’s so much fun!

6 the feel of the anchor at Riverton that has been rusted away by years in the sea

7 the smell of spray paint as I graffitiied my way through five art works at the weekend! Pooh!

8 the sound of my client apologising for not making our call yesterday.

9 the feel of the three cards each my friend and I pulled out from the fairy pack and coached each other with! It was a beautiful thing! Especially the feel of braille that they are all labelled with.

10 the smell of Autumn is back – winter had arrived there for a moment – the feel of the wind catching the balloons I tried to get down the back steps on Friday – ghastly – but today still calm peaceful Autumn!

I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!

Chocolate coated Hugs