Bum! After all my duty and care I forgot to send this blog entry yesterday!

So I thought “what shall I do?”

Can Wednesday’s blind wisdoms be relevant to Thursday? Thursday’s blind wisdoms doesn’t quite have the same ring but what the heck!

Why not!!!!

So here it goes!

Today I’m getting to spend my day with 13 other blind and vision impaired people at a leadership programme in Dunedin! Lucky me!

But before then; here are ten things my senses are grateful for right now!

1 the taste of NZ honey on my toast this morning

2 the sound Of Elizabeth’s voice when we walked along Highgate this morning

3 the smell of the Spelt bakery – it smells so yummy!

4 the happy sound of the taxi driver as he laughed his way out to our destination yesterday!

5 the feel of my handbag over my chair at our workshop yesterday – I knew which one was mine!

6 the sound of Jayne and Cathie’s wonderful voices as they shared their collective knowledge on collaboration, communication and conflict!

7 the feel of those rice paper rolls and the squeals of delight as 13 blind people grappled with them! Hilarious!

8 the taste of the glass of wine at the pub last night! Yes – the pub!

9 the taste of apricots for pudding at the Chisholm Park GolfClub when we spoke to Deunedin East Roatary

10 the sound of two people’s stories as they shared with me their personal experience of glaucoma!

I may not see, but I can hear,

And taste and touch and listen!

And when I do this every day,

I find my optimism!

Have a sensory filled Thursday everyone!