Good morning Blind wisdom seekers!

1 the sound of the car speeding up and nearly hitting us on our walk yesterday morning I heard it – it was close!

2 the feel of the slippy mud pile on the footpath as I went for a slight slide on our morning walk – I sure felt that!

3 the smell of Spelt Bakery along Highgate – it’s hot cross bun season and it’s glorious on the nose!

4 the taste of peanuts on my Weetbix today!

5 the feel of the buttons on my printer as I madly pushed them to make them work! It didn’t work and I had to patiently wait for Margaret to come and push the right one!

6 the taste of my pizza last night at Le Porchetta – our new Italian restaurant in Dunedin!

7 the sound of my father being so happy at dinner! He was even chatting to the waitress!

8 the loving pass of a calamari ring from Dad to me! (via Mum)

9 the sound of me and the family singing Happy Birthday to my nephew Alex in a busy restaurant! I love embarrassing young people! Pay back I reckon!

10 the feel of the finished baby beanie I knitted last night for NICU! It’s part of the Blind knitters club – we’re knitting baby beanies in the colours of our local rugby team for the neo natal intensive care unit!

I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!

“Happiness is not in the absence of, but in the mastery of hardship”

Helen Keller