Good Wednesday morning blind wisdom seekers!

Fancy a challenge? Would you like to do your own list of 10 things you smell in a day? It seems that the most elusive of the senses for everyone is smell. This comes up often in conversation and also on our daily blindfulness list. So, I thought it might be fun to really stretch ourselves to spend one day noticing the things that wander up our nostrils! Whether it’s the take out coffee we pick up or the smell of baking in the oven let’s start noticing what we smell. Then we can celebrate it!

Remember Helen Keller had only three senses of which smell was one of them and here’s what she said:

*“With my three trusty guides, touch, smell, and taste, I make many excursions into the

borderland of experience which is in sight of the city of Light”

So, if you’d like to make an excursion into the city of light with me,! Look out soon for the challenge!

Here’s 10 things my senses are grateful for today.

1 listening to Kent win 9 in 10 on the Paul Henry show last night and in the process win a $35,000 car!

2 the smell of flowers in a shop down lower Stuart Street!

3 the taste of roast chicken for tea last night!

4 the smell of the Indian food mart in St Andrew Street yesterday.

5 the smell of post in NZ Post – yes – even post has a smell!

6 the smell of hot cross buns as Sebastian heated them up in the microwave!

7 the feel of the shoes in Number 1 shoe Warehouse

8 the sound of Margaret telling me stories in the car

9 the taste of fruit flavoured popcorn – it always transports me back to summers of past when I used to buy it as a girl at Moana Pool!

10 the smell of coffee in Stritctly coffee!

I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do it every day

I find my optimism!