Good Wednesday blind wisdom seekers!

Ever since that saveloy moment at Papatowai I find myself describing moments of stillness as either “saveloy moments” or I say “the world stopped.” I was telling a friend a story last night of when we were in Sri Lanka in November, 2013, and Ron was looking for a bag of crisps to go with his beer. After a third attempt at a local stand, he jumped back in the car and said “no crisps, they only have French fries!” “French fries” I squealed! We had just spent three and a half weeks getting ffull on curried vegetables so even the mere mention of the term was exquisite! I sent him packing, back to buy some and we returned to our hotel to spend the next 20 minutes on the warm, balmy deck of our hotel room, with the roar of the sea as our music and our French fries our food from the Gods! The world certainly stopped at that moment with not a saveloy in sight!

When I returned home, and things became familiar again, I found it less easy to find those moments when the world stopped. Or did I? I know how much more aware I am of these little moments now through doing this blindfulness list. Noticing the small things is really big, so let’s see if we can stop that clock from ticking and let it sit on the second hand for just a moment longer!

Have a happy Wednesday all. Here’s today’s list.

1 the sound of my phone ringing yesterday at 5.50 am – it was Jo saying it was too wet to walk! Modern technology – what would we do without it!

2 the feel of my new truffle boxes I got from Berica Marketing! They are so so cute with a handle on them – they come as a flat pack, and like magic, a blind woman can fold them, super quick, into this magnificent looking box! Woo hoo!

3 the smell of raisin toast as it toasts itself in the toaster!

4 the feel of all the cellophane bags I used to put my truffles in for the truffle response unit – responding to those in trouble with truffles! HE he!

5 the smell of messy melted chocolate – it fills the room every time!

6 the smell of Skate fish we had for tea last night! What a pilava! And that’s not the same as pavlova by the way!

7 the feel of the toasty fire Ron lit last night when we came home from Nova!

8 the sound of AJ Hackett on 60 minutes! What a wonderful human being!Fun, relaxed and driven! I didn’t think they made people like that! Nice to broaden the stereotype of success!

9 the taste of my sav blanc at Nova last night at the Angel Group. I pulled the efficiency angel – well actually it fell on the floor, so I pulled another and got the angel of truth! I wonder what she wants to tell me!

10 the sound of Ron talking about angels! It’s very cute!

I may not see, but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!