Good morning Blind Wisdom seekers!

When I was a little girl my Nan taught me to knit. I would go to her place and she would patiently show me how to cast on and off and make things that I can’t even remember now what they were. She used to sit in a lazy boy chair that I used to swing around 360 in! Sometimes down the side of that chair she would house a block of chocolate and pull it out and give us a piece! Not a wonder I love knitting! It reminds me of chocolate!

My recent quest to “play like a 12 year old” has seen me delve back into those things I used to do as a child; including knitting. honestly knitting is like riding a bike, you never really forget how to do it. Knitting blind is just like playing the piano(which I used to do when I was 12 too) – you do it with your eyes shut!

So, in memory of my dear old Nan who taught me how to knit, I’d like to dedicate today’s list! And maybe even say “Look at the hat I knitted Nan!”

Here are 10 things I have smelt, heard, tasted and touched this week:

1 the smell of plastic piping I have bought to cover the wire part on a coat hanger that I am knitting a cover for for Mum’s birthday! It smells strangely sweet and plastic!

2 the feel of that plastic coating that took me way back to when I did cane work in the 70’s! I can see those vivid colours now! I went crazy on baskets and trays! I think I even made my Nan a telephone unit that housed a big old phone and room for a note pad! Klassy with a capital k!

3 the smell of plastic burning as we came out of Otago Packaging today!

4 the feel of the premature baby beanies a blind colleague has knitted for the Neo Natal Unit here at Dunedin Hospital. They are in the colour of our local rugby team and we’re knitting 15 of them!

5 the taste of frankfurters for lunch yesterday!

6 the feel of the bright coloured hat I knitted! You can see it here!

7 the feel of the hot pink collar scarf Margaret Jackson knitted me – it’s gorgeous!

8 the sound of my coaching clients yesterday being focused and inspired into action! I could hear it in their voices!

9 the sound of the ukulele on Millionaire hot seat last night!

10 the taste of grapes for supper last night! Num num num!

I may not see, but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen,

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!