Good morning blind wisdom seekers

Today I am packing up my suitcase for a Cooking Without Looking workshop tomorrow in Wanaka! Somehow I seem to have lost three baking containers with ‘icing sugar’, ‘cocoa’ and ‘coconut’ written on them in braille! How could they disappear? That’s absurd. One theory I’m persuing is one of my blind friends has come into our house in the dark of the night,( it makes no difference to them if it’s dark) and they have taken my precious containers! Or could it be my mother? She may have removed them because they annoyed her! She always moans about the braille labels when she’s in my kitchen! She complains because she can’t read them! I refrain from saying “now you know what it’s like when someone hands us print”, preferring of course to offering sympathy to her plight. On no uncertain terms though am I adding print to my pantry!

My pantry is a print free zone! Sorry Mum!

Here is my list of 10 things I have smelt, heard, tasted and touched for this week:

1 the sound of Chris’s voice on the phone yesterday – lovely to catch up with his news and hear him speak about his recently deceased Dad

2 the taste of lovely roasted parsnips that we had for tea last night!

3 the horrific sound of the drill at the dentists yesterday! Crikey! 40 minutes of my mouth wide open, with building site noises going on inside!

4 the sound of Glenn, my dentist chatting through my whole mouth opening drama!

5 the feel of the smooth teeth that got fixed after Glenn had done his damage! It was well worth it – two displaced fillings now gone and replaced with brand new white sturdy ones!

6 the smell of the Spelt bakery on our morning walk yesterday! Num num num!

7 the taste of the gorgeous pineapple last night – I’ve even got Ron eating fruit! This is a minor miracle as fruit to him is something that was always scarce post war, so he sees it as a luxury and therefore unaffordable! Bet you beer was the same but he doesn’t apply that rule to it! By joves I think I’ve been had!

8 the feel of my home spun wool ball diminishing as my knitting grows!

9 the feel of the sun on my back in the office today!

10 the feel of the slow cooker warming up as I test it before tomorrow’s workshop!I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!