Good morning blind wisdom seekers!

It always amuses me the way some people tell you how it must be fore you. How do they know? Could they possibly have access to my sub conscious? Or am I that transparent? I’ve always been told I have an expressive face, but is it really that communicative?

I got a ride with a nurse the other day to a speaking event. She told me it must have been much easier for me to go blind later because I would have the benefit of having seen what things look like! Whilst this might be somewhat true, I have totally blind friends who have never seen what things look like and frankly don’t care! Besides, when you have had sight and then lose it, there is a grieving process that isn’t “easy” so I was unsure about sharing her view; so I didn’t! I know that blindness is scary for people and that trying to rationalise it makes them feel better, but we know that the root of all power comes from knowledge so my advice to that nurse is to find out more! I expect when I spoke she did!

Thank you for wanting to find out more about blind wisdom!

My list for this week is:

1 the smell of summer yesterday as someone had cut their grass and it wafted up to our deck. I opened up my nostrils and breathed in summer!

2 the smell of baking as we moved towards the Pams section at Trents! Thanks Pams for sponsoring my chocolate!

3 the sound of Sandra at Trents who has just become a grand mother! She was so excited – it was very cute!

4 the taste of roast chicken salad for tea last night! Sun dried tomatoes and olives in it too! Num num num!

5 the feel of my newly dyed pressed wedding dress in it’s plastic covering! It always feels so ceremonial with it’s plastic covering! The lady at the dry cleaners said “is that the long grey one?” which made Margaret gulp! She had helped me dye it and the colour on the packet said black! HA!

6 the feel of all the different ankle socks at the Warehouse yesterday! Thick ones, thin ones, sparkly ones as well!

7 the taste of the caramel square I had at Nova last night for supper!

8 the sound of a very busy Nova café – bussling it was!

9 the feel of the baby beanies Sue made for NICU – and the one she made for Brad Thorn too! Woo hoo!

10 the feel of the postage bag sending the Highlander beanies off to Kane Hames and Brad Thorn! You’ll be pleased to know they are bigger than the prem baby ones!I may not see, but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!