This year I have written to Santa! In braille of course and sent it to one of his elves at the Blind Foundation! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write to him and I was wondering what I would say! What does a 48 year old blind woman ask Santa for???

I gave it a go and the braille copy has just been sent in the post!

Dear Santa

I hope climate change isn’t making the North Pole too hot for you Santa! Maybe you should ask Mrs Claus to make you a summer outfit this year!

Santa, I’ve forgotten what you bought me last year so I’m thinking I should slow down in asking for stuff for me. I was thinking of asking you for a sexy black swimsuit and some bright coloured nail polish but I’m thinking that all the blind girls around the world will probably ask you for that so your stocks could be quite low.

I’ve done a lot of cool stuff this year Santa so I don’t really want more stuff! I’ve learned that the coolest things in the world are not the things that you have but the things that you do. So Santa, maybe I could ask you to just throw some more really cool opportunities my way in 2015 and I’ll promise to say ‘why not’ to them!

Don’t forget to have a really cool Christmas yourself Santa! I know you’ll be really tired after delivering Christmas presents to girls and boys all round the world but You just might want to give Mrs Claus a night off the dishes on Christmas Day because us Mums get tired of doing them!

lots of love from your adoring fan near the South Pole!


p.s. I’ll be leaving some of my bloody truffles out for you Santa and I’ll pinch one of my husband’s beers for you to help wash them down!

Let’s see what he replies with! His letter went off this morning in the free post with an articles for the blind sticker! In order for Santa to be able to reply before Christmas I had to send it off by November 30!

Here’s 10 things my non visual senses have been grateful for this week!

1 the smell of the mild air this morning on our 6 am walk!

2 the sound of Fiona playing the recorder as we practise, in secret, two tunes for Ron’s party! We are doing two because we know after we have played the first one the crowd will definitely want more! Ha!

3 the taste of the two pita bread I had in the toaster for lunch the other day!

4 the feel of the pink and green icing I used with Margaret to create berries and holly leaves! So soft and meluable!

5 the smell of the white chocolate we used to dip the truffles into to make the custard effect!

6 the smell of the truffles in my kitchen – smells familiar!

7 the feel of the crepe paper Liz and I used to make crepe paper flowers!

8 the sound of Liz’s happy voice as she happily created paper flowers, being shown by a blind woman!

9 the feel of the braille envelope I made for the paper flower bomb we are sending to a courageous woman!

10 the feel of the raised dots on the letter I sent to Santa! I don’t know what it is about Christmas braille – but it fills me with hope! Whether it’s braille advent calendars or Christmas cards in braille – you name it I love it!

I may not see, but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen!

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!