Dear Spark

We moved house last December, and as a consequence, the free 018 directory assistance so kindly offered to me by your business on the grounds of being unable to read print was no longer available on my new land line. After making enquiries by phone informing me I would have to re-apply for the service, a print form was posted to me to be completed. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the form requesting exemption from paying for the service on the grounds I have a print disability, so asked my husband for help to complete this.

After we had done that, I ask my volunteer Margaret to drive me out to the Blind Foundation to have them verify my blindness as requested on the form. The staff at the Blind Foundation kindly obliged and also popped the letter in the post for me. Done!

After no further communication for a fortnight or so, I headed down to the Spark shop here in Dunedin as we had another issue regarding Call Minder. The wonderful assistant Jesse helped us with our Call Minder, and towards the end of the conversation I asked about the status of my free directory assistance.

“Can you tell me if they have received my form yet Jesse?”

“It doesn’t look like it Julie”

“OK, how will I know when they have received it Jesse?”

“They will send you a letter to inform you!”

Spark, can you please tell me which part of blind you don’t understand?

Thank you.

That blind woman

Julie Woods!