Good morning Blind Wisdom seekers!

I’m reminded today of how much we smell, taste, hear and touch, is dependent not just on our senses, but also our surroundings! Today I received a blindfulness list from my list buddy Liz who is currently in Italy having a wonderful time. There are quite a few things on her list that could very well be sensations we experience here in New Zealand such as expresso, bread, cheese and red wine and even limoncello is more common here than it used to be. However, there was one entry on Liz’s list that we would certainly not hear on the street in New Zealand

“The sound of different languages around us…Italian, French, German, Swiss, Japanese”

It makes me realise that we do live on an island at the bottom of the world, far far away. And even though we are a multi cultural society, English is our spoken language. Modern communications have certainly made the world a smaller place but even so there’s nothing like living that sound of conversation in another language that takes place when you leave our English speaking part of the world. So, when you listen to your familiar sounds today have a think about the unfamiliar ones that have crossed your path in the past…… or maybe possibly the future!

And if you ever dream about having an Italian pizza in Italy, keep it up! It was on my bucket list until I went there in 2012! My taste sensation was captured by Ron on camera! He says he’s got that many photos of me eating food around the world! Ha! I classify it all under the heading of “blindfulness”

Here’s today’s list!

1 the smell of the vanilla candles at Spotlight yesterday!

2 the feeling of the flower broach I have knitted Mum for Mother’s Day! Am I too old to be making my Mum Mother’s Day presents?

3 the feel of the sewing needle pushing through the soft wool – so satisfying – especially when it’s all done by touch!

4 the taste of schnitzel for tea last night – Ron’s favourite, with mashed potatoes and peas!

5 the sound of the water filter man Mark when I gave him a truffle! Funny!

6 the feel of sweat running down my back yesterday as I sat in my office! It was so so hot! Not today though – Brrrr!

7 the taste of the chocolate éclair lolly I had last night for my after tea treat! Well maybe more than one!

8 the sound of my melodica as I practised my tunes! In my life, Something and If I could!

9 the smell of peas cooking – they’re so cute!

10 the feel of counting as I number up my stash of tea cups in my office! That’s awful! I’m cleaning them up right now!

I may not see, but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen!

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!