Good afternoon Blind Wisdom Seekers!

I was going to post a photo of me as the Christmas Pudding Truffle brailling up Christmas cards but I don’t quite have enough skills to download from the camera and upload the right photo yet!!! So, I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow for the photo and the wee story about Christmas cards and the importance of them to me, and simply send you my list of top 10 blindfulness moments of the year! Some of them may be South American but a lot of them will be simple smells from just around my home and city in Dunedin!

So, in no particular order here are the top 10 things I’ve smelled, heard, tasted and touched this year!

1 the silence of snow on May 26 as we had our grand dump for the year!

2 the smell of mandarins as I peel them for my healthy treat!

3 the taste of that saveloy after the Papatowai Challenge earlier in the year! Tasted like heaven!

4 the feel of me stepping onto the Reed Floating Islands in Lake Titikaka, Peru!

5 the sound of Zac and Bea saying their vows to each other as they were married in the botanic gardens in February!

6 the feel of the pounding water at Iguazu Falls in Argentina!

7 the taste of the pecan caramel briosh at Number 7 Balmac!

8 the taste of the soy chai latte at Delicacy!

9 the sound of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa in the Dunedin Town Hall in June this year!

10 the smell of Christmas with Sebastian’s old favourite – the Christmas tree!

Have a merry Christmas all of you and a very happy new year! I’ll be back with my last post tomorrow afternoon so until then, have plenty of seasons greetings from that blind woman!

And thanks for tuning in to Wednesday’s blind wisdoms!

You rock!

I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!

Ho ho ho!