Good morning blind wisdom seekers

Here’s the 10 things my senses are grateful for this morning!

1 the sound of my talking alarm clock go off at 5.35 am!

2 the chatter chatter of the taxi driver as he drove me down to my event at 6.50 am yesterday!

3 the feel of the little Vegemit sachet at breakfast!

4 the taste of the black tea I devoured after I had spoken to the group!

5 the touch of another human after they hugged me once I had spoken

6 the smell of Dunedin city in the mornings

7 the sound of the crowd at the Basin Reserve yesterday as they cheered Brendan McAllum on to score 300 runs! It was very emotional. Well, if you are a Woods it was!

8 the sound of the lady at the post office saying “$168 if you want it to arrive within one month, otherwise $188!” She was referring to the cost to post 200 notebooks to India! They were going to a local school! Gulp! What will Ron say? “It would be better to post them $168!” he remarked! Oh well! I hope the local primary school, and the kids we met in Khempur in India enjoy writing their dreams down!

9 the taste of the beautiful Moki Ron cooked on the BBQ for our tea last night!

10 the sound of Paul Brennan on Radio NZ last night as he interviewed me. I had a funny feeling of just sitting on the end of the phone line listening to the radio as I sat on the receiver waiting for the interview to start! Weird! Anyway, I enjoyed it! He was fun!

I may not see but I can smell,

And taste and touch and listen,

And when I do this every day,

I find my optimism!

I’m off to try yoga now!

Wish me luck!