Known by her family and friends as Julie Woods, one day Julie realised that to others she came in contact with she was remembered as something different. “Returning to a shop one week later” told Julie, “the man behind the counter turned to his wife and said ‘this is that blind girl’ I was telling you about!”
At first, Julie was frustrated by this description of herself but “it happened again when I went into another shop” says Julie “but this time the guy said ‘hey you are that blind chick who was on the TV news last night’.” Eventually, she found she was describing herself in the same way. “If I phoned back anywhere ” explained Julie, “I found I would be describing myself as ‘that blind woman’ who came into your store yesterday” or “that blind woman who spoke at your dinner last week”

“I had to accept that my most distinguishing feature was that I am now a blind person” says Julie “with my second most distinguishing feature being that I am a woman”.

On March 27, 2012, Julie appeared in her local newspaper for the celebrations of her 15 years blind party. She dressed up as Agnetha, her favourite ABBA Star, and threw a party in the very heart of her city, the octagon. This was to say thank you to all those people who had helped her in her first 15 years as a blind person. Guess what they ate at this party? Truffles of course!!!

She threw a party when she had been blind for 10 years to say thank you to all those people who helped her in her first 10 years as a blind person. She then went on to write her book; How to make a silver lining – from hospital waiting room to 10 years blind party. Throughout this entertaining tale, Julie identifies 8 keys for adapting to change including 8 how to sections to help you adapt to your very own change. Grab a free copy of Julies book in the free stuff section of this website!

“A woman is like a tea bag, you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”
– Nancy Reagan
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