Dare to be different! 

Play the game that builds creativity, innovation and motivates your team.

Introducing the

Why Not Game!

The game that brings fun and professional development all in one.


What level will your players commit to?

Do you want your team to be: 

  • encouraged to be open minded

  • be more creative in their thinking

  • supported to build collaborative teams

  • more innovative

  • more resilient

Julie Woods
Julie Woods

Then the “Why Not” game is for you! 

Those two small words took me from the couch after going blind in 1997 to learning braille, walking 10 half marathons, visiting 50 countries by the time I was 50 and refereeing not one, not two, but three games of nude touch rugby!  

I was asked to go cross country skiing to which I said no!

After realising that I wouldn’t make a very good blind person if I turned down opportunities that came my way, I then decided to turn my “no” into WHY NOT in my first 20 years as a blind person.

There are 5 options to choose from to play the game.


The five options are:

Comfort Zone Buster

This option is composed of the top 20 questions I said why not to in my first 20 years as a blind person.  This option encourages players to get out of their comfort-zone, just like I had to when I went blind.


This option offers experiences that promote tolerance and understanding from within. It helps people move towards those who are different from them.


This option encourages people to be less serious and rigid and allows them to be present and more joyful at work and at home. It is best used if your team or organisation is under stress! Play is a great stress reliever so why not play the game with this option. 



This option helps the team be aware of barriers created by your organisation and help reduce them, making your service more accessible. Are you aware of the barriers you create for your customers who are disabled? This game is a disability awareness tool aimed at exposing the player to the world of disability.


When I went blind I met the happiest bunch of people I had met in my whole life, other blind people. But how could this be? Upon exploring happiness I discovered the life of Deafblind pioneer Helen Keller who wrote so much about happiness. Now I’ve added what we have both learned about happiness into the WHY NOT Game for you and your team to explore your own happiness. “Do you want to volunteer for an hour?” “Do you want to read a book on happiness?” “Do you want to make a gratitude jar?” are just some of the questions in the happiness option that will help make you happy!   

Level Up With The Follow Up 


Value always comes in how long your team maintains and sustains on what they implemented from playing the game. A follow up a month after the first workshop is part of the game package. Players can then be formed into an ongoing supportive network. 

I have helped countless organisations such as: 

You were fabulous today, as always. Everyone loved the game. They were awestruck by your story. I feel so good about this work. Thank you for everything.

Robyn McLeod

HR Manager, Dunedin City Council

It was a pleasure having you along to our team day and everybody thoroughly enjoyed your inspirational, informative and very entertaining presentation. A few of the team have already signed up for the Queenstown half marathon in November and we’re looking at making a company outing of it.

Anthony Roecroft

Audiology South

I have had some amazing feedback about the incredible value you brought to everyone who was in the room when we played the why not game. So, thank you thank you thank you!

Jean Proctor

Impact Weightloss and Wellbeing

As your team members start saying “why not” to more opportunities, watch their confidence grow.

I start the game by showing participants how to meet and greet a blind person and finish by asking them what’s one thing they will do to move towards what they’ve just said WHY NOT to. 

Then I braille out their very own name for each of them to take away as part of my dream to write 1 million names in braille. Yes, something else I have said WHY NOT to!

“It’s those things you stop saying no to that are the things that make life worth living”.  Shannon Knox, ISIGN NZ Sign Language Interpreters

Here’s what’s included for your team with the WHY NOT game package:


WORKSHOP 1: 60 minutes with up to 20 players, each participant taking away a card containing a question they have said WHY NOT to.


WORKSHOP 2: The same players come back one month later to report back on what they said WHY NOT to in the first workshop and take another card from the deck.


THE WHY NOT NETWORK: One month after holding the second workshop the players can connect monthly via a network of players who are all used to saying WHY NOT to opportunities that have come their way.  The WHY NOT NETWORK offers a space and opportunity to share stories and inspire each other into action.  This is also an opportunity for participants to take another question from the deck of cards and work their way towards becoming a WHY NOT Champion, Star and ultimately Master!

My name is Julie Woods and I have been blind since 1997.  I believe everyone including your team can gain something from my experience as a blind person, and this game has already helped organisations build better collaborations, increase motivation and explore possibilities outside of team comfort zones. 

Ordinary team building workshops are repetitive, and the content can be easily forgotten after a short time.

The WHY NOT game is unique in the way it follows up on everyone and encourages them to keep going on the journey.

Your organisation is ready for the WHY NOT game if:

– Your team’s performance need more creativity and innovation

– Your team’s professional development is important to you

– You encourage open mindedness and collaboration

– You value your organisation’s cultural growth

Go on then. Dare to be different!

Why Not!

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