Why Not Game

What is it?

Its Julie’s personal development game she has created based on those two small words that took her from the couch after going blind in 1997 to visiting 50 countries by the time she was 50!

She begins the game by sharing her story of being asked to go cross country skiing to which she said no!, After realising that she wouldn’t make a very good blind person if she turned down opportunities that came her way, Julie then tells how she decided to turn her no into WHY NOT and gives 20 of the best questions she said WHY NOT to in her first 20 years as a blind person…..

“Do you want to speak to our club?”

“Do you want to walk a half marathon?”

“Do you want to go to Samoa?”
Each participant is given a hot pink envelope to open which contains their very own WHY NOT question. They then trade questions until each person ends up with a question they are willing to say WHY NOT to.
Julie starts the game by showing them how to meet and greet a blind person and finishes by asking them what’s one thing they will do to move towards what they’ve just said WHY NOT to.
The 90 minute game is played in a team with up to 20 players. The game can also be played one on one, it takes less time, on average 45 minutes.

The aim of the game is for people to be

· Motivated to get out of their comfort zone
· encouraged to be open minded
· supported to build collaborative teams
· Exposed to blindness, braile and diversity
· Helped to see the potential of blind people
· Inspired into action!

What do people who have played the game think?

“Thank you for introducing the team to the concept of WHY NOT – two very powerful words.”
Brayden Murray
Manager Student Success Team, Otago Polytechnic
“I loved your why not game. I’ve been talking about it all day to people.”
Karyn Chalk

Department of Corrections

And here’s someone who didn’t want to be identified but look at what he had to say –
“I wasn’t in any mood to engage with this game tonight but soooo glad I did! . Super engaging, thoroughly enjoyed it. Brilliant!
If you have any more questions about playing this game then please don’t hesitate to contact Julie on 021 913 513.