Meet Brent Harpur, a man who did some cane spotting at a workshop in Dunedin recently and as a result came up to say hello to this blind woman. Brent is legally blind and uses the 20% of vision he has in one eye along with his immense drawing skills to create images and caricatures of people. He cartoon busks in the street and we’re now lucky enough to have him in Dunedin!

Brent has been a cartoonist in Australia for several years and has recently done workshops with the Dunedin City Library and has loads more planned! He’s got cartooning in his blood so you can imagine what a thrill it was for Ron to get the chance to interview him on Otago Access Radio’s OARsome morning show yesterday. (here’s the link)

Brent has a Facebook page where he is currently posting 1 cartoon a day or you can email him at cartoonbrent

And of course I had to write Brent’s name in braille so he is now one in a million – in fact 593 out of 1 million!

You sure are one in a million Brent – I’m so pleased you came up and introduced yourself last weekend. I have always said that watching other blind people do the things I think I can’t is what makes me think I can do more than I think I can! Mind you, I can’t draw, not because I am blind, but because I can’t draw! Crikey!

Thanks for being one in a million!

p.s. Brent is the one in the photo without the pink or the grey hair!