Well I guess when I started writing my 1 million names in braille Pippity Pop was the name of the oldest person I had written in braille, because, she was the first! But, since then, the age has crept up and yesterday it hit 99! Yes, I visited the wonderful rest home of Holmdene, in Balclutha where I spoke to the residents about my why not attitude and in the audience was 99 year old Gladys!

As you can imagine some of the residents live with vision loss and it was wonderful to connect with them.

I wrote 91 of their names in braille, including the staff, but before I went there I visited the Clutha Council where I wrote the name of the mayor Bryan Cadogan, Jean, Barry, Ruth and Richard, (Jean’s cat), along with the Clutha Leader reporter Mary Jo and the ODT reporter Sam! Attached is the article which appeared in the Otago Daily Times on page 10 today!

So, yesterday my total names in braille climbed from 443 to 541!

That’s 541 stars!

“Shoot for the moon,

Even if you miss it,

You’ll land among the stars!”

Les Brown