Happy International Women’s Day blind wisdom seekers!

Every day I write two gratitude lists. The morning list contains 10 things I am grateful for, usually things that have happened in my life over the previous 24 hours, like the ultra friendly checkout operator at Gardens New World or the new crocheted sock box I bought yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond! At night I write a sensory diary noting one thing I have smelt, heard, tasted and touched throughout that day, say smelling the line up of soaps on the counter at Bed Bath and Beyond or the taste of the sweet juicy plum! In both cases I then email my list to a group of mainly women, who respond in kind by emailing the things they were grateful for that day too!

Given that today is International Women’s Day, I thought I’d write this morning’s gratitude list from the perspective of being a woman, so let’s see how I go!

1 I am grateful for my mother and sister for being such a big positive influence in my life. I love them both dearly!

2 I am grateful for my walking and coffee buddies who are women! They just seem to like to talk and do whatever else they can!

3 I am grateful for my female coaching friends who like my mother and sister, are a positive influence in my life!

4 I am grateful for my Mastermind group who offer their feminine energy to support, challenge and inspire me!

5 I am grateful for Margaret Jackson who does creative girly things with me every Tuesday afternoon!

6 I am grateful for the two wonderful women my boys have picked to share their lives with!

7 I am grateful for my two grandmothers who were such a huge influence in my life! One was full of energy and the other was a storyteller – and they were both fun with a capital F!

8 I am grateful for all the other mothers who offered me an ear when I was bringing up my two sons.

9 I am grateful to the Deaf woman Beth, who we sat next to at Auckland airport on Monday, who turned to me and asked for a lick of my ice cream! She was fun!

10 Finally, and by no means leastly, I give thanks to all the blind women in my life who have inspired me to do the things I thought I couldn’t! From baking a cake to using a chain saw, you have all played a huge part in helping me redefine what being a blind woman is all about! I salute you all!

As a result of writing this list I’m reminded of the quotation that I often use, it’s from Anonymous so let’s today make it from Ms Anonymous – “You become like the five people you spend the most time with, so choose carefully!” I know surrounding myself with other empowering women lifts me up and has helped me to become the best blind woman I can be! Happy International Womens Day to you all and have fun surrounding yourself with positive woman all day! This balloon bouquet is for you!