Dear Phillipa,

I remember when you moved into the house next door to ours in Netherby Street in Dunedin in 1976; I was ten and you were eight. I remember when we used to dance to Grease in your lounge, you were Olivia Newton John and I was John Travolta. I remember climbing up to the enchanted cubbyhole, a cupboard at the top of my wardrobe where we lit candles and ate lollies. I remember going to the Saturday morning movie club with you and playing with plastic farm animals in your bedroom. I remember sitting on the heater in your living room after school, eating Vita wheat with butter and honey and then dancing to ABBA! I remember us going to girl guides at the Mornington School Hall and at Christmas time one year you dressing up as an angel and I dressed as a Christmas pudding! I remember us walking to the Elgin dairy to buy lollies and then me teaching you to ride a bike. I remember feeling sad the day our family watched your family drive off when you left for Australia. I remember coming to see you in Brisbane and visiting the big Pineapple and their big shopping malls. I remember the outdoor water slides and going camping with you on Stradbroke Island. I remember coming to be your bridesmaid when you had your commitment ceremony with Christine in the rain forest. I remember visiting chiropractors, osteopaths and clairvoyants when you got cancer. I remember the no plastic bottles and no meat or dairy rules and the visits to the organic food stores. I remember hearing your voice on the phone just before you died telling me what a terrible mother you had been. I remember reminding you the exact opposite before I hung up from you on the telephone for the very last time. I remember being in that hotel room in Auckland three days later when your mother rang to tell me that you had died. I remember speaking at your funeral and I remember scattering your ashes at the steps leading up to Netherby Street.

And now, 10 years since your death I still see you all around. I ask you for parks when I am driving out and about with Ron and my friends, I remember you when I walk into organic food stores and shopping malls, when I drink soy lattes and eat Pinky bars, when I hear Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy, when I listen to ABBA, Kasey Chambers and Village People. I remember you when I light incense and candles, go to the movies, ride on roller coasters or hop on a bike. You are everywhere Phillipa Rae Hinds and although it’s been 10 years since you left us in the physical world; you are still with me in the unseen. Your life continues to live on in mine, in every moment of every day and despite not being able to see in the physical world, I am able to see you all around me.

From your forever playmate,

See you in the unseen.

Ju the Poo


This has been written to remember the 10th anniversary of the death of my childhood friend, Phillipa Rae Hinds, who died on March 13, 2007. If you would like to recall your memories of Phillipa and share them on social media then please do. Today, as we all remember her with love, Simply start your writing with “Dear Phillipa, I remember when….” And share away!