When I went blind I may have lost my sight but I got my vision back. To start with all these people were telling me what I couldn’t do now that I couldn’t see. But how did they know? I began to realise they were limiting me by their own lack of imagination and I could choose to be limited by what they thought or unlimited by what I thought! What was it going to be?

First stop was going to the Blind Foundation and meeting other blind people who were clearly not limited by the limited imagination of others, but instead living fruitful, productive and purposeful lives. Second stop coach training where I discovered that coaches loved imaginations and using them as a resource to create the life we want was indeed a great thing. Part of that imagining was creating a vision. Although I didn’t have physical sight, I had an imagination that came with a built in camera that enabled me to create images in my minds eye of what I wanted to create! I call this getting my vision back!

On March 27 this year I celebrated being 20 years blind! I realised that the best thing I had done in my first 20 years as a blind person was to say why not to opportunities that had come my way.

And the best question I had said why not to was “Do you want to learn braille?”

Now that I had been blind for 20 years what could I do with my best why not question. Or, what could I do with braille.

I had printed the braille alphabet on the front of my business cards in 2012 and since then I had started writing people’s names in braille, using a portable braille slate and stylus.

I did this when we travelled overseas as it was a great gift to give our guides.

When I came back from overseas kiwis seemed to love it too so I kept doing it and doing it and doing it.

Since I’ve been blind, I’ve always tried to do what I can and this is something I can do. Then I got imagining and started to think wouldn’t it be great to write 1 million names in braille.

So, on the 27 March 2017, celebrating 20 years as a blind person, I decided to write, on a little piece of paper “write 1 million names in braille”

A week later I get an email in my inbox, completely out of the blue, from a man called Bryan McIntyre who wants to meet up to talk about motivational speaking.

So we did, at Nova on April 6 and began talking about things motivational and things speaking.

I decided, even though I’d just met Bryan, to pluck up the courage to share with him my 1 million names in braille dream. It turns out Bryan had a 1 million dream too. His to get 1 million people to write one thing their grateful for to go in his giant gratitude jar!

Then we got to thinking how cool would it be to inspire others to imagine 1 million too!

So, we are now sharing our 1 million dreams story with you so you can dream your very own 1 million dream too!

Steve Jobs said “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, usually do.” You have the power to decide to change your world at any point, all it takes is a shift in thinking.

Join us for an hour workshop where we discuss our journey to 1 million names, and the importance of thinking big! We believe everyone is capable of achieving incredible things, powerful things, and making real change in the world, and we want you to come along for the ride!

Along with getting your name in braille, and writing 1 thing you are grateful for to go into Bryan’s giant gratitude jar, we’ll explore your 1 million too!

What’s your 1 million?

When:Friday 30 June 7am – 8am

Where: Metro Indoor Sports and Inflatable World, 93 Crawford Street, Dunedin

How much: Free entry with Free tea, free coffee, free hot chocolate and a warm fire!

All you need to bring along is your imagination!