Hey there Blind wisdom seekers

The whole idea of creating this blog was to showcase the collective wisdom of the blind in order to remove the fear of blindness that exists in the world. No good can come from people being afraid of blindness. Good can only come from embracing the stories, culture and practises of the blind.

One month ago, on July 15, I spoke to a group of mainly women, at the Local Government conference in Christchurch. In the audience that day was one of those gorgeous woman; Christine Taylor from Whangarei. Too star struck at the time to come up and speak to me (giggle), Christine chose instead to email me upon her return to her office back home in Whangarei. She was so inspired after hearing me speak she decided to learn braille! She rang the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, ordered herself a slate and stylus, read from the DIY braille book I sent her and began her learning journey. She started leaving her colleague notes in braille until she felt practised enough to send me a letter.

I was doing my fortnightly mail processing of the home letterbox yesterday when all of a sudden my admin support said “there’s only one letter left and it looks like it’s for you Ju.!” The reason he said that was because it was in braille! My fingers read the sender’s address and I quickly opened the envelope with great excitement!

“Dearest Julie, I hope this letter finds you well” it began.

It certainly does Christine. What an inspiration you are! To embrace the world of braille the way you have and to get into action! Most people just think about it but you did it!

Louis Braille is looking down on you and smiling!

Thank you for making this blind woman smile too!

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”

Pablo Picasso

Thank you for taking the term “blind wisdom seeker” to your heart!