Gold Digital Badge for 1 Million Names in Braille Supporters



Would you like to support Julie Woods with her dream to write 1 million names in Braille?

Now you can, by purchasing a Digital Badge.

Julie set this goal when she turned 20 years blind on 27 March, 2017, and since then, names have been written for people all over New Zealand and around the world.

But she now needs your help.

By purchasing a Digital Badge you will allow Julie to:

  • Buy business cards to write people’s names on
  • Purchase Braille equipment and promotional gear for volunteer Braille producers
  • cover the cost of posting names all over the country and around the world.

Names are written for free for anyone Julie and her team come in contact with which is why she needs your help.

By becoming a Digital Supporter of 1 million names in Braille you will receive your very own Digital Badge you can use to place on your website or social media.

  • If you contribute $250 you will receive a Bronze Badge saying you are happy to be supporting 1 million names in Braille
  • If you contribute $500 you will receive a Silver Badge saying you are very happy to be supporting 1 million names in Braille
  • If you contribute $1,000 you will receive a Gold Badge saying you are super happy to be supporting 1 million names in Braille

By purchasing a Digital Badge, you’ll not only get to be associated with Julie’s exciting vision but she will contact you to ask you for the names of your people so they can be written in Braille and added to the total!

Why doesn’t Julie charge for writing names in Braille?

Because she has learned the best way to get names in Braille into the hands of Scouts, Girl Guides, school students, community groups and everyone she comes in contact with, is to remove any financial barrier in doing so.

If you are wondering what people think about getting their names written in Braille then let’s hear what they have to say:

“The scouts absolutely loved having Julie along as a speaker, I’ve not seen them so engaged with a single activity or speaker for a long time.

They all loved their Braille name cards and I’m sure will be talking about this visit for a while yet.”

Scott Rhodes

“The Braille cards were quite the hit at school yesterday. Huge excitement by the kids and they all had a go at writing messages using the Braille alphabet. I love how willing to learn things kids are. Thank you so much for giving them each their own little ‘takeaway’ card. It was very gratefully received.”

Penny Hunt

“I just wanted to let you know that the 1 million names in braille cards arrived at work today, and everyone is over the moon about it! You brightened everyone’s day, and we made it a fun game. I put them all on the table in my office, and had them come in and figure out which one was for them! So i can safely say you taught some people braille today AND made them smile – mission accomplished!”

Sanne Van Ginkel


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