Good morning all!

Wow – I forgot yesterday’s blind wisdoms! Blame the new moon energy! It’s playing havoc on everything! Has anyone else noticed the last 36 hours chaotic? Anyway, apart from that –

Have you ever noticed how when you step into a church that they are always praying for the suffering and the disabled? I find this very patronising and it immediately makes me want to pray for the ones who are praying because they are the ones to be pitied but then I remember Louis Braille’s quote “we do not need

to be pitied, nor reminded that we are vulnerable. We must be treated as equals and communication is the way to bring this about.” In fact no one wants to be pitied so I must turn off my automatic response to pity those who pity!

I was reminded again of the power of pity at a friend’s funeral yesterday when the minister mentioned that “despite” her vision loss, she lead a full life! A blind friend commented to me afterwards that if they said that at her funeral then I was to jump up and shout the minister down! You’re on! I’ll do it – so long as when you’re all at my funeral and the minister starts saying the same thing you all do the same! Stand up and shout out loud – “because of her blindness she lead a full and daring life!” – that’s what I want you to say!

I’ll step down from my soap box now- just in time to give you what my senses are grateful for this week!

1 the taste of yummy runny boiled eggs I had for lunch!

2 the sound of blind people, canes and guide dogs at a funeral – it’s a distinct sound!

3 the feel of the hands of all our friend’s brothers and sisters whom we met! Magnificent!

4 the sound of blindies together after the service! So much fun – just the way it should be! One lady asked me how I went blind in front of the other blindies so I said “it was a lifestyle choice!” – I know I shouldn’t have but sometimes…… really……

5 the taste of funeral savouries!

6 the taste of my soy chai latte I had with Pat at Number 7 Balmac!

7 the sound of Betty’s text saying “I’m here” and me looking around where I was standing! Of course her here was not my here but a quic phone call saw her come up to Number 7 to pick me up so finally her here was my here!

8 the feel of more hands at our Amnesty International meeting last night!

9 the taste of Ron’s scotch egg I ate for tea!

10 the smell of dusk as I stood outside Number 7! It smells like Autumn!

I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!