Good morning my blind wisdom seekers!

On Friday night I decided to celebrate Helen Keller’s birthday with an exhibition of braille art entitled “Blooming braille” The exhibition was designed to incorporate my love of braille, with Helen Keller’s love of nature and of our host Chris Abbott’s love of eco flowers! The event was hosted at Eden Flowers in Dunedin and it was blooming great! We drank bubbles from braille champagne cups, ate HK scones and of course no celebration would be complete without those …… truffles!

What a night it was – I collapsed on the couch at 9 pm content that Helen Keller would have been looking down with a smile on her face! Or would she? Ha ha ha!

10 things My senses are grateful for after that event!

1 the fragrant smell at Eden Flowers when we walked in to Chris’s on Friday!!

2 the taste of the hot chocolate Ron bought for me after we arrived! Go Ron!

3 the explosive sound of Ron breaking one of Chris’s tall, slim vases! Buggar!

4 the feel of the art going up in Chris’s shop as Ron hung my exhibition!

5 the sound of Meituria Turei as she said “Hello Julie” when she came through the door to Blooming braille! Blooming heck!

6 the sound of person after person saying they wanted to buy that! 4 red stickers! Woo hoo!

7 the noise of all the people as they packed into Chris’s space!

8 the feel of the dots on the champagne cups that the blind people who were there were trying to read!

9 the sound of glee when Pleasance and Peter won the spot prizes!

10 the taste of the scrumptious satay we ate after the event! I was so hungry! It was divine!

Well, Bllooming braille is now blooming over! What fun it was and I learned that when I play, people love to play with me! It’s a wonderful thing!

Thanks Helen for letting us play on your birthday! I know you once said “the silence and darkness which are said to shut me in, open my door most hospitably to countless sensations that distract, inform, admonish, and amuse” – I can assure you, you would have been distracted and amused at Blooming braille!

Have a playful week all!