Good morning blind wisdom seekers!

Does creation have a smell to you? As I ponder over today’s list I noted twice that certain smells mean creation to me. Perhaps it’s because when I smell this smell, I am creating something or going to create something. Is Helen Keller right when she says “Autumn tells me of time and change, of death and life’s renewal.” – does she mean giving life to new creations? After all it is a time of year for hunkering down and moving indoors which also moves us towards creating things. My husband Ron loves the rain. I bet you if you asked him what creation smelt like to him, he would say “rain” because rain gives him permission to sit in side and do nothing else but paint!

As you read today’s list think about what the smell of creation is to you? (and I don’t mean that smell either!!!!!) Ha ha ha!

1 the smell of my roast beef cooking in the slow cooker yesterday!

2 the taste of Margaret’s Chilli pepper jelly that we had on crackers with cheese last night before dinner! Num num num!

3 the sound of the women behind the counter at Spotlight helping me choose “paua” wool for a friend’s snood! It was a high level decision!

4 the feel of the snood growing as I knit it last night!

5 the feel of the stickable Velcro dots I just had to buy from Spotlight! They are so so cute!

6 the feel of the trimmings laid out on a huge sale table at Spotlight yesterday for 50 cents a metre! I wish I had a use for them – Margaret did though – she bought 12 metres for cushions!

7 the smell of Spotlight it’s the smell of creation!

8 the smell of the copy centre at Warehouse Stationery yesterday – it’s the smell of creation too!

9 the sound of the Royal photographer on Radio NZ National as he spoke of their visit to NZ with the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge.

10 the feel of the “ill bill” cap I tried on at Embroidme today to go with my “braille graffiti” alter ego! Coming to you real soon!

I may not smell but I can hear

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism