Good evening Blind wisdom seekers!

Wouldn’t it be a miracle if this email arrives safe and dry to you all!

Wow wee – what a day to move!

Incredible! It will always be remembered for “remember wwe moved from Highgate the day Dunedin flooded!”

We’ve had 2 months of rain in 24 hours and today is the day we decided to move house!

Let’s be grateful though!

1 For Doug, Ray and Bernie from Best Removals who moved all of our stuff despite the rain! They are my heroes!

2 Ron – he is my hero too – he just kept helping and helping and getting soaked too!

3 Ooops – I’d better get sensory! The sound of the rain on our roof – as Ron says it has to rain heavy for us to hear it and today it did!

4 the taste of my honey on toast for breakfast!

5 the sound of the echo in our house as we empty the rooms out!

6 The feel of all the boxes that I have packed up today, yesterday and for days!

7 the sound of Warren who picked me up and took me out to the Foundation for a presentation of a cheque for $5500 that Rural Women NZ donated to the Blind Foundation as a result of the Triple F Challenge! 8 the taste of the lovely quiche I ate there for lunch!

9 the feel of the loving hugs from Pat and Joan from Rural Women NZ! I had to go out there with the clothes I had been wearing all week – plus a necklace I happened to find, no make up or jewellery to speak of and – you guessed it Pat said “Channel 9 are coming to film!” Typical! Suck it up Jules! So I did and of course they wanted to do a close up interview! Crikey!

10 the sound of Nick, from Washing Machine Repairs, who came and fixed our dishwasher at short notice! You guessed it – it decided to conk out the day before we moved!

Can I say if it doesn’t rain it pours???

Well, you can’t say it hasn’t been an eventful week. From earthquakes to floods, from cars to dish washers breaking down, from hospital appointments to district nurse visits, I know one thing, I am grateful for all the love and support you all give me! I’m signing off from Highgate. Next time you will here from me it will be from that place called nowhere! I’ll let you know where it is when I get there!

Night night!