Greetings all blind wisdom seekers!

I didn’t imagine that when I turned 51 that I would still be reading Disney stories but now that I am 51, and I can read Disney stories I am beginning to see life differently.

You see, thanks to many things,

· going blind,

· becoming a single blind parent,

· learning braille,

· reading a page of braille a day,

· getting children’s books in braille through the post from the Blind Foundation,

· reading aloud Hairy McLarey to the kids as part of the 7 day challenge in Blind Week 2016,

· and joining the Children’s braille book club at the National Braille Press in the USA,

all steered me towards Disney’s Frozen. I had decided when I was struggling with things to read in braille from the Blind Foundation’s adult library, that I would try the Youth Library instead. I needed to feel motivated to read and the adult books were simply to long and laborious for my braille reading fingers. I decided I would have a go at reading children’s books instead. I phoned the Youth Library at the Blind Foundation and they sent me a variety of children’s titles. Flick the Fire engine, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and that classic favourite Hairy McLarey all arrived through the post. I began reading each one with my fingers, and to my surprise, I was finishing them too. It was so exciting to be able to read a book in one night!

So, when an email came through from the National Braille Press in the USA containing details of their Children’s book club, I wanted to join. Once a month they would send a children’s title in braille and this month’s book was Disney’s Frozen!

I know at 51 it seems a bit silly to be still reading fairy tales but I really loved it! Reading about Princess Elsa with her magic powers of turning everything to ice, and her lovely sister Anna, with the dastardly Hans who pretended to love Anna, but only to get hold of the sister’s kingdom! Anna had accidentally turned her sister to ice and the one single thing that would defrost her was an act of true love!

I won’t spoil the ending in case you want to read it too, but to Walt Disney, Louis Braille, the Blind Foundation and the National Braille Press, thank you for making this 51 year old blind woman very happy!

P.S. the photo is of me and my two boys taken at Disneyland Hong Kong when I was 45 years of age! When will I be too old for Disney? 45, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91 – I hope not!