Good afternoon Blind Wisdom Seekers!

I was sitting at a café at 1 pm today and while I was waiting for my friend, I had time for my mind to wander! Wednesday’s blind wisdoms I thought! Crikey! I had them all ready to go but forgot to push the send button! Then I was jolted out of my mind wandering by a woman who said “Do you mind if I take one of these chairs?” to which I replied “So long as you leave my friend one!”

Then she continued, “I love the way your do-dak-key folds up.”

Do-dak-key I thought to myself. Is she talking about my chair given that she was just taking a chair away. No I thought, I don’t think it was that. Perhaps she is talking about my white cane which I had folded up underneath my chair a few moments earlier.

“Oh you mean my white cane” I remarked. Keen to save her from her embarrassing terminology, I continued, “Sometimes when I unfold it it gives people a hell of a fright as it springs back into action; it’s quite fun!”

She departed and I waited on for my friend to arrive. Part of me admired her lack of awareness around the correct terminology and I figured that she didn’t allow that to stop her having a conversation with me about it. That made me realise that sometimes we do stop ourselves from interacting with people because we are afraid our terminology might be offensive.

So, in the future, if you’re in that situation yourself, why don’t you pull out the wword do’dak’key and see how you go!

It worked for us!

This week’s blindfulness moments are as follows:

1 the smell of Robert Shepherd in our dining room as his after shave lingered on long after he had!

2 the smell of post at the post shop!

3 the taste of reheated corn fritters – honestly they tasted as good as they had on Saturday night! That’s 3 days later – oops!

4 the sound of Robert spinning yarns in my living room – quite a storyteller!

5 the happy sound of Ron returning home, with his fixed car and his friend there to meet him!

6 the feel of the micro fleece nighties I tried on at the Warehouse today! Tonight when I go to bed I will be dressed as a tiger! Well an animal print of some sort! Growl!!!!!

7 the smell of hot cross buns that I sniffed my way through today at the Warehouse. Did you know you can’t smell the presence of sultanas through plastic?

8 the taste of rump steak for tea with a little bit of relish thrown on top at the end of cooking! Num num num!

9 the feel of the baby beanie I am knitting as it grows – just like a little baby! Turns out he’s not so little though – a 9 pounder and since he lives in Auckland I’m making him a Highlanders beanie to make sure he knows which is the coolest rugby team in the country! (it’s not the Auckland one in case you were wondering!) Not how sure that will go down with his Dad though! I love living dangerously!

10 the feel of the mobile printer that Laura from Access Home Health brought along yesterday morning when she interviewed me. I feel like an old lady next to gen y’s when they start talking about and using technology!

I may not see but I can smell

And taste and touch and listen

And when I do this every day

I find my optimism!