I’m always telling people now is a great time to be blind but they don’t always believe me!

If you’re one of those……

Read on…..

Louis Braille in 1841 said “Access to information, is access to knowledge” which is why he had gone on to invent his literacy code for the blind.

Thanks to technology too, we have the greatest access to a huge amount of information than we’ve ever had before! Just this week, I had an adaptive technology instructor come up from the Blind Foundation to show me how to use Skype on my iPhone. I went into the ap store on my home page of my iPhone, did a search for “Skype” and downloaded the one that read “Skype for iPhone”. I then had to remember my password of 7 years, that we used to set up the account in the first place. My first choice of three was correct and before I knew it I was swiping my way around the features on the Skype ap. “Swipe to the right several times to bring up the person you want to select”, “double tap to select them”, “swipe to the right again to choose call, video call” said my patient and talented instructor Rebecca South from the Blind Foundation.

Voice over is the name of the talks feature that makes it possible for blind people to use an iPhone. In the early days of cell phones, blind people had to purchase additional voice software and it had to be installed on the phone by someone who knew how! Nowadays you can rock into your electronic store and purchase a phone over the counter that is pretty much ready to use!

Later that night, I was able to Skype my nephew in Vietnam! It was like he was in the next room! I even carried my nephew through to our living room for my husband Ron to have a chat to him! It’s truly amazing!

And even later that night, because of the lesson earlier that day with Rebecca, I was able to send myself to sleep with the sound of Alice in Wonderland gently reading to me. Yes, from my very own bedroom I am now able to download audio books to my very own iPhone!

Who said now wasn’t a good time to be blind!

Viva all those who have gone before me!

And thank you for reading this week’s Blind Wisdom blog!

And to the Blind Foundation for believing in me!

And never giving up on me!