You’ve heard of mindfulness, well now the Blind Wisdom blog brings you blindfulness! What is it?

Blindfulness is moment to moment awareness of the four non visual senses; smell, hear, taste and touch!

So many of us llive our lives thinking of all the things that might go wrong tomorrow, or of what went wrong yesterday, that they don’t value the life they have today.

One thing I’ve noticed since going blind is that using my other senses to receive information that isn’t my eyes, helps me focus away from my thoughts and towards what I am smelling, hearing, tasting and touching. But even by doing that it doesn’t make you blindful.

Blind people have limiting thoughts and beliefs just like sighted people do. We’re no different and it’s those limiting beliefs and constant chatter in your mind that distracts you from enjoying the here and now! How many of you had a shower this morning without thinking of the warm water that touched your body, or the clean towel that you grabbed to dry you off. It’s only a short moment in time ago that we wouldn’t have had these modern conveniences to call on, and what do we do while we are standing in the shower? Not be grateful for the warm water or the nearby towel, instead we worry about how are day is going to play out, giving little regard for what is happening right here and now.

When your blindful you start to notice what your ears and nose, fingers and toes begin to tell you.

So make a start right now by turning your mind off and turning your senses on and see what you notice!

Have fun saying why not to blindfulness!