When I travelled to South America in 2014 to achieve my dream of visiting the 7 wonders of the world, I also stood under Iguazu Falls in Argentina. At that precise moment, as I stood feeling the powerful force of the water upon me, I realised, there were more rewarding wonders to a blind person than simply the famous 7!

When I returned home, I began writing a list of Seven Blind Wonders of the World that involved my other senses including smell, touch, taste and sound. Interestingly, I found there wasn’t anywhere in the world I would go specifically to smell. Until, one day in 2015, when I put my head down a …..

Find out where ….

So, after visiting 50 countries by the time I was 50, My list of 7 blind wonders are as follows:

1 sniffing fermenting whisky from a vat at a distillery in the Scottish Highlands

2 standing on London Bridge listening to Big Ben chime 12 noon!

3 eating a Margarita pizza in Italy

4 drinking a Singapore Sling in Raffels Hotel in Singapore

5 standing under Iguazu Falls in Argentina

6 riding on an elephant in India

7 swimming in the Dead Sea in Jordan!

Every day I am away I write down a sensory diary, including one thing I smell, hear, taste and touch throughout my travels. in my 19 years as a blind person, I have learned to focus on the four senses I have, rather than the one I don’t!

People used to ask me how I could sight see when I couldn’t see. I began to take notice of my other senses and I found writing them down made me really aware of the things I could smell, hear, taste and touch.

I’ve seen so much since I went blind and it’s not because my eyes are shut, but because my mind is open!

Have a happy Wednesday!