Oh, have you seen the clips of the braille biscuit monster on the braille biscuit show on Otago Access Radio?? 105.4 fm or on podcast at www.oar.org.nz

It’s so so cute! Help us spread the braille biscuit word by sharing this post as well as going onto the Youtube channel and subscribing! That way, every week you’ll get to learn all about the braille alphabet, for the next 24 weeks – we’ve already done A and B – and we’re going right through to Z!

Listen to interviews with braille lovers or hear their stories, there’s quotations from Helen Keller, readings in braille along with music from blind musicians!

And if you want a poster for your workplace, school or organisation simply send me an email to julie with your postal address and I’ll send you one out!

We’ve already been picked up by another radio station – Plains FM in Christchurch which is super exciting! The braille biscuit monster is very pleased, he loves being the centre of attention! Unless he’s trying to pinch those braille biscuits of course, then he’s quite happy for you not to notice him!

Have fun checking this Youtube clip out from yesterday’s show and the braille biscuit letter b! That’s b for blind wisdom!


Bye bye!

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